‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ by George Saunders

Book Remarks

“Oh, the pathos of it! – haggard, drawn into fixed lines of unutterable sadness, with a look of loneliness, as of a soul whose depth of sorrow and bitterness no human sympathy could ever reach. The impression I carried away was that I had seen, not so much the President of the United States, as the saddest man in the […]

‘The President Is Missing’ by James Patterson and Bill Clinton


“If there is nothing else to learn from history, it’s that from humans to animals, from the most primitive to the most civilized, most individuals want to be led. Take out the leader, and the rest of the pack panics.” As I’ve mentioned before in this column, mystery/thriller novels are not my first pick of reading material. But since I […]

‘O Pioneers!’ by Willa Cather


“Isn’t it queer? There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they have never happened before; like the larks in this country, that have been singing the same five notes over for thousands of years.” I have read quite a few new releases and wanted to revisit my “classic reading […]