Saturday, November 27, 2021

Zoomerous Possibilities

Ask the Life Coach

Dear Coach, 

What can you tell me about Zoom? I hear about groups using it to remotely get together, but I have not yet experienced it. What are some ways I might be able to use this technology? 


Just Wondering 


Dear Just Wondering, 

Zoom is simply a way to gather a group on your desktop computer, iPad, or iPhone. It’s similar to FaceTime for groups. 

I’ve been using Zoom since early March and I’ve found it to be very useful and somewhat satisfying when it comes to social and professional interaction. I do miss gathering in person, but at least Zoom allows me to see and talk with my friends, family, and to attend meetings. 

Here are a few applications: 

  • Use Zoom for any group that, before COVID-19, met in person on a regular basis. For instance, your book club, political organization, garden club, cooking group, or Bible study. 
  • Use Zoom to gather your family together. This is a chance to interact with one another no matter where everyone lives. It’s fun for old and young. If you have grandkids, they have probably been Zooming all Spring as they attended classes remotely after their schools closed. Other family members are probably using Zoom if they are working from home. Ask them to set it up for you. 
  • With Zoom, you can create a special time with grandkids by organizing tea parties, reading bedtime stories, or simply hearing about their day. 
  • Schedule a Zoom cocktail party with your friends. Everyone shows up with their beverage of choice and interesting conversation. It’s a way to stay connected with friends far and near.  
  • Use Zoom for business meetings or events. When my book, “Mom’s Gone, Now What?” launches this month, my Launch Party will be on Zoom. My web site even offers people an opportunity to sign up for this Zoom event. Later, I will Zoom with book clubs and women’s organizations around the country. 

Go to to set up an event. You can use it for free, but your time will be limited. However, this is a good way to test it out. If you enjoy the process, you can subscribe to a monthly service and stay on your Zoom calls as long as you wish.  

When you schedule an event, Zoom will automatically generate an invitation which you can copy and paste, emailing it to those you want to invite.  

Zoom has improved its platform greatly over the last few months making it more secure and user friendly. I hope this satisfies your curiosity and you’ll schedule a Zoom event soon. 

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