Monday, December 6, 2021

ZoneFlow Tech to get financial boost

The Tamiami Angel Fund II (T2) has invested $750,000 in ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, LLC, a company developing new reactor technologies used in the production processes for refining crude oil, producing ammonia and methanol, and reducing iron ore to iron.

The fund recently closed on the investment into its sixth portfolio company, allocating $250,000 in capital interest to ZoneFlow Tech and an additional $500,000 add-on commitment.

ZoneFlow Tech, founded in 2007, is currently testing its proprietary reactor technology designed to improve efficiency in the production of hydrogen and syngas by the steam methane reforming process.

“We are very pleased to have a Fund like T2 decide to make a major investment in our company, and we treat that as a real compliment to our business plan and what we’ve accomplished to date,” said Bruce Boisture, CEO of ZoneFlow.

“T2’s investment will fund continued product development and testing,” said Gerald Lippes, a member of T2’s due diligence team.

Lippes said the team was impressed by ZoneFlow’s professional management, its knowledge of the industry and its use of financing.

“The company is in the manufacturing business, which gives us an interesting diversity for our fund,” said Timothy Cartwright, chairman of T2. “Most of our fund is invested in high-tech.”

ZoneFlow’s progress was another factor, with the company expecting to introduce its technology in the next few years.

“From the outset, we’ve been involved very heavily with engineering, production and catalyst companies in our industry as we’ve developed our product,” said Boisture. “We have also focused entirely on validation programs that range from joint development of specific product applications to pilot plant testing. The funding from T2, in addition to the capital raise, will allow us to pursue and execute the validation programs, the first of which commenced this month. We also executed the first round of preliminary tests on a separate major testing program that began a year ago.”

“The company is pretty far along with what it wants to achieve,” Lippes said. “ZoneFlow is starting to test the technology and that’s why we invested. It’s a different product than what’s currently available in the marketplace so its success also depends on the response from the industry.”

The potential game-changing technology has far-reaching applications in a large market, including crude oil refining, making ammonia for fertilizer, producing methanol, and reducing iron ore to iron.

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