Monday, October 25, 2021

Zippy Expediting Services If You Want it FAST!

Do you need something moved but it won’t fit in your car? Maybe you need to run an errand but don’t have time? Do you need something delivered but don’t have the manpower to get it done? Zippy can handle any of these tasks. Maybe you’re in need of nothing less than impeccable white glove service? The answer to any of these scenarios is just a phone call away with the professionals at Zippy Expediting Services. 

Rick Wright began formulating the idea behind Zippy Expediting Services during his years in management and business operations. The plan developed further during his tenure at a rental company, where he witnessed the need for this service time and time again. Rick said, “There was a need in the community for larger vehicles to move larger items that generally do not fit in a household vehicle. It was an opportunity to exit corporate and build a business serving the needs of the community, and allowing me to spend more time with my family.” 

“Zippy began doing business in June 2018. We saw an opportunity to assist customers, both business and residential, with errands or deliveries that they do not have the time or ability to do. The initial concept quickly transformed into mainly delivery and moving of furniture and furnishings in Southwest Florida.”

Zippy offers delivery and moving services, with an emphasis on customer service. Rick said, “We pride ourselves on being on-time, efficient, professional and having a clean-cut and polite staff. We are careful with our customers’ belongings, and use white gloves and shoe covers as necessary to protect our customers’ property as well.” 

Rick puts his past experiences to work for him now. With an MBA, years of corporate managerial experience, and of utmost importance to the success of Zippy, experience in customer service and customer satisfaction, Rick is uniquely qualified. He was a college football player while at Florida State University and being team captain, he brings strong leadership skills and relationship building to the table. 

Zippy treats their customers very well. “Our staff is polite, well-dressed in uniform, and consider Zippy to be a career, not just a job. Our staff is conscious of our customers’ needs and our customers’ needs come first. The Zippy experience is unique in that we do not only offer muscle, but also superior service and attention to detail that similar companies do not offer. White glove service, at a reasonable cost.” 

Zippy has been a member of East Naples Merchant’s Association for a little over a year. Rick discussed the benefits of Zippy’s membership, “ENMA connects us with members of our local community, and our business enjoys the support of ENMA to grow and prosper.” Coastal Breeze News readers can enjoy 5% off just by using the promo code “CoastalBreeze”. 

If you want it done and would like the utmost of professionalism, call Zippy! “Customer service is our TOP priority,” Rick concluded. Zippy has a five-star rating and is licensed and insured. Call Zippy at 239-200-3447. 

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