Thursday, October 28, 2021

Yoga State of Mind: Islander Opens New Studio With a Flourish

When Barb Rosenblum took her first yoga class eight years ago, she was both shocked and hooked at the same time. Shocked, because she realized how little upper body strength she had, and hooked because of the deep serenity and spirituality she experienced.

As she became more immersed, Rosenblum realized that yoga isn’t limited to youngish and relatively fit people. “The physical aspects are secondary benefits,” says Rosenblum, a certified instructor who this week opened a permanent studio called Yoga State in the strip mall at 601 E. Elkcam Circle on Marco. “It’s about taking care of yourself, no matter your body type or age. If you have a body that can move, you can do yoga.”

Rosenblum’s classes focus mostly on two approaches. The yin classes are introspective as you’re seated on the floor, with eyes closed and moving slowly into poses, which are held and then gently exited; all which physically benefit the lower back and hips. The vinyasa approach features standing poses. “It’s movement with mind, body and breath,” Rosenblum says. “Almost like a dance. It’s good for balance, stamina and posture.”

And she indeed noticed a quick and dramatic improvement in her body strength, upper as well as lower.

Within those two approaches, Rosenblum adds her own touches such as hands-on assists where necessary, the judicious use of essential oils, and gentle restorative aspects such as what she calls “legs up the wall.” As Rosenblum says, “Every teacher has their own style and technique. It’s not like being a softball coach. It’s very malleable, in a way.”

Other touches are vibrational sound-healing music and low lights, but Rosenblum is firm about one omission in her repertoire. “I don’t do mirrors. I don’t want people focusing on their physicality next to somebody. I want them to focus on mind and spirit.”

Plenty of options are available at Yoga State. Monday mornings (8:30 AM to 9:45 AM) is yoga stretch, Tuesdays are for beginners, Wednesday is power, Thursday is yin and Friday is restorative. Evening classes (Tuesday and Thursday 5:45 PM to around 7 PM) are aimed at working people and incorporate yin and power. Rosenblum also offers yoga parties, private sessions, and corporate gigs.

“I’m a conduit for people who never tried yoga before, and they soon realize it’s not intimidating. And, when you’re an instructor, you’re a student yourself so you’re always learning.”

For options and pricing, call Rosenblum at 239-571-8685, email her at, or connect on Facebook (@yogawithbarb).

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  1. Michael Merrill says:

    Barb Rosenblum has talent, spirit, and polished leadership skills. The high point of our Marco Island trip was a private lesson, and my wife and I rated her tops. This lady has devoted herself to yoga study and practice, but has also developed remarkably effective teaching techniques. Trying new positions with a new instructor can be mildly stressful, but she makes the routine calm, smooth, and emotionally restful. We will be back for more, on our next trip.

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