Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Yellowbird Rebuilding Project on Schedule

Photos by Steve Stefanides


Approximately one year ago, Marco Island City Council approved the roadway and utility project along Yellowbird Street. That project would entail the complete rebuild of this major roadway that runs from North Collier Boulevard and connects with Bald Eagle Drive. The project itself would include work to be done to the water, sewer and stormwater utility lines. The project is progressing smoothly and should be completed within approximately 90-119 days from now. At the same time, sidewalks on the southside of the roadway have been rebuilt to the new five-foot standards.

Council voted to approve the proposal for the professional construction engineering and inspection services (CEI) portion of the roadway project to the Hole Montes Engineering firm of Naples in the amount of $116,735 late in 2019 for bidding of the project in first quarter of 2020.

The reconstruction of the roadway and the utility upgrades are being undertaken by Wright Construction Group, which has a local office in Fort Myers, FL. They are specialists in asphalt and concrete roadway construction, with offices throughout the Southeastern United States. The company has been in business since 1992.

Bids for that work ranged from a low of $4,071,695.95 to a high of $4,513,748.50. However, these bids to complete the work came in substantially higher than the Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Costs, which was estimated at $3,503,529.50. The bid as awarded came in at 16.2% over the estimates given to them by the engineering firm who designed the project due to the increase in costs of materials.



The complete “force main” for sewer was replaced and the entire run of gravity sewer lines were internally coated, which in turn reinforces those pipes. Water utility lines also were replaced and the stormwater system along the roadway was upgraded.

The roundabout that will be installed has yet to be put in at the intersection of 6th Avenue. The first three inches of structural paving now has been applied to the newly laid roadway base. Work continues with regard to addressing swales and driveways prior to another two-inch asphalt layer which will be applied to the base coat. 

After the installation of that additional two inches of asphalt, the “traffic dampening device” or “roundabout” will be installed, landscaped and finalized. When that is completed, the necessary signage and work in the swales will be finished prior to a final two-and-one-half-inch wearing course being applied to the project, as well as striping and final cleanup accomplished.

Michael Daniels, the city’s construction manager, complimented the excellent working relationship between citizens who live along the project, Wright Construction and the city’s utility group that has helped to move the project along and kept it on schedule.



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