Wednesday, December 8, 2021



A dream that  began in 2007, and was shelved in 2008 due to recessionary  pressures that affected the entire nation, moved another step closer to reality at Monday evening’s Marco Island City  Council meeting.  At that meeting  council would approve, by a unanimous vote of 7-0 two resolutions on its agenda that moved that dream to the threshold of reality.  

 The Marco Island Yacht Club (MIYC) was originally created in 1965 by Mackle Brothers as part of Deltona’s Master Plan for Marco Island.  The late developer, Jack Antaramian, would later purchase the property from Deltona and in 1997,  would build the present facilities and create the yacht basin which is today  known as the Marco Island Marina Association (MIMA), which is separate from the Marco Island Yacht Club, but they  have a shared parking arrangement between the two. 

 After having received their state and federal permits and receiving approval from the City of Marco Island for their plans the Club was forced to shelve those plans for the dock extension due to the recession and economic calamity that came about in 2008. 

 The plans were dusted off late in 2019 as the national economy was showing great strength and the Yacht Club leadership reevaluated their position.  Revised plans were resubmitted to DEP and the Corps of Engineers for a project which would involve lesser boats, but slightly larger in size.  “We evaluated the marketplace and the demands for more dockage, especially for the more expensive and larger craft. We saw this as an opportunity for a world class improvement to our facilities, and one which matches the quality of our community,” said David Everitt, Chairman of the Board for the MIYC. 

 There were detractors regarding the plans.  Ed Issler would come forward to question the effect of the dock extension on surrounding waterways.  Scott Kiley of Martinique Ct. would also question the effects on the environment and the abutting waterways. Additionally, Wayne Woodring who owns a home on Martinique was also concerned regarding the loss of his view from his home, as well as a reduction in the marine life he says has left the area due to boat traffic. 

 Many others that evening came forward to support the project, most of them members of the MIYC and some from MIMA.  MIMA has 120 slips at the marina abutting the MIYC property.  

After having their questions answered the council would approve two resolutions that would allow the project to proceed by a unanimous vote of 7-0. 



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