Monday, October 25, 2021

XMuscle Pain Turned Out to be Pancreatic Cancer

Haley Sams-Casey had been experiencing chronic pain in her left abdomen for months. She thought it was simply a pulled muscle, until the pain got so bad that she went to the emergency room. She was turned away twice, with nothing more than pain medications, until she finally went to a third hospital and got a shocking diagnosis. At just 41-years-old, Sams-Casey had advanced pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of the disease. Although it hadn’t spread, it was wrapped around the blood vessels to her upper abdominal organs and was felt to be inoperable.

Sams-Casey was put on an aggressive treatment plan that included radiation and 16 rounds of chemotherapy, but doctors still didn’t think surgery was an option. Even with treatment, they were only giving Sams-Casey six months to live. That all changed when she met surgeon, Mark Bloomston, M.D. of 21st Century Oncology. Dr. Bloomston felt that he could successfully operate, giving Sams-Casey a shot at beating cancer.

“I tend to take an aggressive approach about removing these tumors even when the vessels are involved. My past experience has shown that good outcomes, and even cure, is still possible with the right combination and timing of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in patients previously deemed to be hopeless. In Haley’s case, we were able to completely remove the tumor, and she is recovering well,” said Dr. Bloomston.

Sams-Casey credits Dr. Bloomston with saving her life, and says he also went the extra mile to put her at ease prior to surgery. For more information about 21st Century Oncology visit or call 239-333-0995.

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