Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wow! What A Spring Fling!



What could be more fun than eating hot dogs and hamburgers, listening to music and playing games with neighbors and friends on a beautiful day?

The Goodland Civic Association Board of Directors decided absolutely nothing could be more fun for us Goodlanders than to have a “Spring Fling” – complete with all of the above. In other words, we wanted to have a FREE Islander Appreciation Day for residents of Goodland. We wanted everyone to come out, take it slow or shake things up, and just get to know their neighbors a little better. Why not?

Consequently, with the help of Nancy Olson, Regional Director for Collier County Parks and

Lily and Amy climbing Margood’s big tree.

Lily and Amy climbing Margood’s big tree.

Recreation, we chose our new Margood Harbor Park as the venue and went full steam ahead with big plans.

So, what exactly happened at this Spring Fling? First of all, grills, tables, chairs, door prizes, hot dogs, hamburgers, side dishes, desserts, sodas and coolers arrived along with an amazing volunteer set-up crew. Before you knew it, the grills were hot, cooks were grilling and folks began arriving with smiles on their faces and enthusiasm in their hearts. Ready to eat!

All the while, Dieter’s Blues Machine entertained the crowd with great music and some people even took the opportunity to dance right along with them. Wow! That was fun! We

Natalie and Carolyn dressedGoodland style!!

Natalie and Carolyn dressedGoodland style!!

surely do thank Dieter!

Bocci ball, horseshoes and a very old and large tree provided fun for kids and adults alike. I just loved seeing Lily Tessaarzik and her friend Amy climbing the tree. It reminded me of the good old days when kids had the freedom to play outside and be safe and satisfied. It was like an old fashioned picnic.

We even had free raffle tickets to give away. Can you imagine that? It was so much fun and almost everyone went home with a door prize! Whoever heard of free raffle tickets and so many prizes? Not me. Not until that day anyway.

Greg Bello, President of the

Dieter’s Blue’s Machine.

Dieter’s Blue’s Machine.

GCA, spearheaded this project and I have a strong feeling it will be repeated next year. He did a wonderful job and the rest of the new GCA board volunteered their time too. Serving on the board are Marziano Gizzi, Vice President; Barry Gwinn, Secretary; Jim Inglis, Treasurer; Natalie Strom, Jay McMillen, Noreen Seegers, Joanie Fuller and Kasey Knoebel. Everyone helped and kudos to all.

Yup, this Spring Fling event was certainly the way life should be – an old fashioned picnic in a beautiful and cozy park with lots of good food and good friends simply enjoying the day. One person even remarked, “It was the most fun event we have ever had.”


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