Friday, January 21, 2022

Woodstock on Marco Island?

Bill and Patty Homes win Couples Best Costume at CamStock. Photo by Jeane Brennan

Bill and Patty Homes win Couples Best Costume at CamStock. Photo by Jeane Brennan

“The Community Association Managers of Marco Island (CAMMI) is dedicated to furthering the profession of community association management through education and networking.” CAMMI’s mission statement is one more piece of evidence of the high quality of Marco Island residents’ working and being involved within the community.

Sharing the history of the organization, Bill Homes, President of CAMMI, said, “This group was formed so that we would not have to go off Island for our twenty hours of continuing education. We pay dues to CAI (Community Association Institute). They, in turn, come to Marco to allow us to do our continuing education here. Our associates are made up of businesses whom the managers would recommend to our condominium owners. Associates join our group by being voted in by the CAMMI board. Associate businesses are required to be licensed and insured.”

CAMMI managers and associate members took the meaning of networking to a new height at the end-of-season party aboard the Marco Island Princess. “Cam-Stock,” CAMMI’s themed party, unveiled a new meaning to original Woodstock fashion, as guests attempted to remember and copy those styles which represented a wide spectrum in activities in the 60s and 70s, taking the concept of individualism to a new height.

For information about CAMMI membership and goals write to CAMMI, PO Box 157, Marco, 34145.

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