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Wishful Thinking

All That Glitters

An interesting terminology you might say, when I tried to translate the term to my wife’s aunt visiting from Germany last month, it had me confounded. I was only able to explain it by example A customer entered my shop this past Christmas Eve fifteen minutes before closing for the holiday requesting a white gold grandmother’s ring consisting of seven different birthstones and he needed it before we closed. That my dear is “wishful thinking!!! An unusual order to begin with; a grandmother’s ring, even a mother’s ring is rarely done these days, especially in white gold with seven gemstones! Normally, this would require a special order two weeks in advance, not fifteen minutes before I close. No amount of wishing or aoverabundance of American greenbacks would make that dream come true for this guy to make his granny cry tears of joy Xmas morning. 

I then realized not a day goes by I don’t experience it in my jewelry store.  

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Wishful Thinking The act of thinking that something will happen or be the case when in reality it is unlikely. In the poor planning case above highly unlikely. 

My first wishful thinking customer of the day… I believe I need a new battery for my watch!” I open up the watch, test the battery, nope, nothing wrong with this battery, it’s fully charged. It’s a malfunction in the watch’s movement, not the battery, and it needs a watch maker’s attention.  

“But I’m sure it’s the battery.  

I take it out back to my workbench again, remove the battery, and bring out my tester to check it in front of himit’s fully charged. No amount of wishful thinking is going to change the fact it’s the watch. He leaves grumbling… Not a happy camper! 

Lady walks in wanting to return a ring for a full refund claiming that it was a gift from a former boyfriend more than 3 years ago. The ring had obviously been worn every minute of 3 years and, of course, no sales receipt. Plus, the fact it’s a Kay jewelers’ product… Big case of wishful thinking going on between her ears here. 

Another day, another wishful customer. I’m asked to appraise what appears to be a large diamond ring. While examining it, there is no doubt in my professional judgment I’m looking at a large, inexpensive, cubic zirconia, or in other words, by no means is it a real diamond. I can sense something grating the young woman before me; I asked her if she wanted the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the ring, although a bald face would most likely make her happier, but it would come back and bite me in the butt and hurt me professionally. Of course, she demanded the truth in this case, the truth did not set her free! When I told her it wasn’t a diamond, she became furious and kept saying, Are you certain?” and was now cursing her now soon to be ex-fiancé. She said she got suspicious about the rings value when he told her not to bother insuring it. So, I guess the truth set him free of her? 

guess we all experience wishful thinking one time or another; how about that first blind date?  

I experienced the full effect of wishful thinking when I became the owner of a 1984 Albin trawler several years back, expecting that tug to be the boat of my dreams, it turned out to be an expensive floating nightmare. Floating was about all it did well! I was on a firstname basis with sea tow; even let them know my coordinates where I would be boating or more correctly breaking down ahead of time! A lot of wishful thinking went on every time I left my dock. 

There is also an upside to this thinking thing. Early last month a young gentleman was shopping for an engagement ring for his soul mate he admitted his funds were limited and didn’t expect to achieve her expectations, I told him I can help him exceed his expectations by purchasing a 1.03 carat enhanced diamond.  

The larger diamond and gold setting cost the same; he would have paid for a diamond half the size elsewhere. She was ecstatic over the engagement ring!  

In this case, wishful thinking became a reality. 

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith Marco’s Island Jeweler since 1994 and welcomes your questions and comments about All That Glitters. Contact at or 

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