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Winds of Change



Body, Mind And Spirit
Dianne Saywell

We can’t direct the wind; we can only adjust our sails. — Thomas Monson


Winds of change will come into every human life. We, aware of it or not, are always heading in a direction. This may be obvious at some point in our lives and not perceivable at other times. Did you ever take stock of your life and ponder just how you got here? Through the small adjustments (of the sails tacking) or the big decisions (turnabout the sails), you are traveling in a direction — toward a destination. The question is, wind or no wind, where do I want to land?

We may never arrive or “land” anywhere, for in fact if we did, it would suggest we stopped moving. The idea of having a destination keeps us alive and fosters growth. Humans are complex and so full of potential individually and collectively. Look to the wonders of the world: technology, medicine, what we can accomplish with our minds as well as with our hearts in prayer and support for our friends and families and even strangers in need.

Let’s start with the mind. For maximum peace, happiness and contentment, we can choose positive thoughts and adopt a good attitude along the way. Not to say this is an easy decision, and it needs to be made daily, even hourly as we ride this tide. In order to allow this to seep into our lives, I believe we first need to open the mind. Being open to newness, to the possibility of different life situations that will bring us further along to our fullest potential, is essential to growth. The fear of the unknown can stop us dead in our tracks. I do give honor to the essential need to stay grounded, keep checking within all the while staying open to the future and its potential. Seems rather controversial in a way, doesn’t it? Stay open! Stay grounded! Yikes! There is always yoga, (yup, I am gong there), and the wonderful series of poses that bring about complete and total balance to all of this in your life every time you step onto your mat. What your mind and your “subtle” body will learn in your practice will spill over into all aspects of your life. (Try it!…Just sayin’).

The heart and its emotion is another element of change that can bring

Sailing through life. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Sailing through life. SUBMITTED PHOTO

upon feelings of sadness as well as excitement. Sorrow and joy. Sweet pain. Comfortable discomfort. Hurts so good. These are phrases that again reveal a dichotomy that will assist the adjustment in our sails. To love means having a sense of loss in the moving on process. This can go two ways. The heartfelt emotional feelings can keep us stuck in the discomfort and not allow the openness we need to move forward. The feeling of the love that will never leave the heart, on the other hand, can grow it. If given the right amount of care, it can allow us to pass on love and growth to others. Always stringing along, we must realize a bit of the pain in parting. (That’s where Facebook comes in handy!) We stay connected in memory, technology and in our hearts. Always.

Not many people like change. Someone once said to me when I began a new job (she didn’t want me to leave the workplace we shared) that I should stay because “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” This left me very fearful 20 years ago as I contemplated a much needed overdue change in my job. Somehow I made the change, and you know what? The devil I didn’t know turned out to be an angel. That angel of a boss is now one of my close friends — he, his wife and his family. I can now say they are family to me at his point in my life. They are who I “go home” to visit when I head back to Cape Cod.

We can move with the winds of change with struggle, with sadness and grief, or we can take the situation and bring love, joy and sharing of experience with us and in our wake. The wind will always come. We will adjust our sails one way or another. We were not meant to sit dead in the water. We were meant to sail and be free.


Dianne Saywell works full time as a dental hygienist at a local dental office educating and helping patients maintain their oral health. She also spends her time introducing people to and sharing the healing power of YOGA and the health it brings to the body, mind and spirit. She offers group classes and private sessions at all levels, contact her at

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