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Window Hangings at St. Mark’s Let the Son Shine

Each window holds a Station of the Resurrection and below is a plaque with accompanying verse, artist name and Patron.

Each window holds a Station of the Resurrection and below is a plaque with accompanying verse, artist name and Patron.

By Steve Gimmestad

The culmination of eight months work by a group of very dedicated parishioners is now hanging in the sanctuary windows of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Marco Island.

“This was a unique project in that involved an unusual medium (tin) and some exceptional work by a large group of inspired people,” said Janet DeAnna, spokesperson for St. Mark’s Artists in Residence program. “We wanted to do a multi-media project so everyone could be involved.”

This was the sixth project by the group at St. Mark’s. They began in 2009 with plaques of oil and clay, then did shadow boxes, window cloths, stained glass and lastly carved/etched glass. This year the 10 window hangings depict the Stations of the Resurrection and are done in tin punched with various artists designs. Accompanying each station are lyrics by Father Kyle Bennett.

Because this was such an unusual medium, Janet, along with Coral Miller, had to search for a professional to perform

Backlighting really enhances the image.

Backlighting really enhances the image.

the delicate work. They found a great provider in Pierced Tin Designs by Country Accents out of Wiliamsport, PA.

B1-CBN-5-1-5“This was a high-end project and presented us with a wonderful challenge,” said Theresa Sullivan, owner of Pierced Tin Design. “Normally we don’t punch the tin all the way through but they wanted the backlight to be part of the design. Once done, we realized the ‘Wow Factor’ in doing it this way. It was a great project for us and we really appreciate the relationship we formed with the people at St. Mark’s.”

The finished pieces were framed in matching silver and hung with fishing wire. It’s almost like they are floating in the windows of the sanctuary. Below each hanging piece is a plaque with the Station of the Resurrection, lyrics, patron and artist names.

Many people have come through to view the art and pause at each Station. Some have



commented that the light shining through changes the piece evolves when viewed at different perspectives. These works are not something to be viewed quickly. It takes a little time to grasp the full meaning and concepts represented by each of the 10 Stations.

Because of the work and people involved, this project was very dear to Janet’s heart. “Very rarely do you find your Pastor encouraging expression in so many ways. This was a very personal project for all of us.”

“It’s amazing!” said Father Kyle Bennett. “This is an art form we had not seen before. We were created to create, and God calls us to engage all our creativity in many ways. I believe in working with the biggest canvas we can possibly find. This is a wonderful way to tell the story.”

There will be a special worship service at St. Mark’s on May 3rd at 9:15am complete with original music to celebrate the message these artworks

Close up reveals the intricacy of the pierced tin.

Close up reveals the intricacy of the pierced tin.

depict. They will hang in the sanctuary until Pentecost on May 24.


Stations of the Resurrection

  1. The women find the tomb empty

Jesus was gone, nothing left to say

Except, “Who will roll the tomb stone away?”

“Do not be alarmed,” a gentle voice said

But don’t search for the living among the dead

Artist: Janet DeAnna

Gift of Dale & Randy Lindquist


  1. The other disciple believes

Running to affirm the Magdalene’s story

No rock cave could ever hold in God’s Glory

The outer wrapping bore an image in relief

An empty shelf is the cornerstone of my belief

Artist: Janet DeAnna

Gift of Jim & Corky Miller


  1. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

“Where?” she cries to the supposed gardener

Addressing unaware the Messiah Carpenter

Her eyes were opened when he said her name

“Teacher!” she cried, never to be the same

Artist: Janet De Riseis

Gift of Carl De Riseis


  1. Two disciples meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus

Recognition did not come with the words He said

But in His offering of the broken bread


Station 1, The women find the tomb empty. PHOTOS BY STEVE GIMMESTAD

Station 1, The women find the tomb empty. PHOTOS BY STEVE GIMMESTAD

back on their journey to Emmaus

Each to the other, “Did not our hearts burn in us?”

Artist: Hannah Ineson

Gift of Rosemary & Michael Wick

In thanksgiving for Fr. John Ineson


  1. Jesus appears to the disciples

Living in fear has blinded many a man

Love is the lens to view the nail-pierced hand

Don’t let doubt arise in your broken heart

Touch and believe where the skin is torn apart

Artist: Cynthia Dayton

Gift of Meredith Letham

In remembrance of Robert E. Letham, beloved husband & father


  1. Thomas believes

Oh Thomas what a gift you give to me

I too want to touch to affirm my belief

What’s wrong with a faith based on a need to embrace?

A tender touch from another gives a glimpse of God’s face

Artist: Wade Mundinger

Gift of Hap & Wendy Happney

In thanksgiving to God


  1. Jesus shows himself at the Sea of Tiberius

Castaway on a boat sinking on a falling tide

‘Till a voice cries out, “Try it on the other side”

Humbled by the

Station 5, Jesus appears to the disciples.

Station 5, Jesus appears to the disciples.

blessings when I listen to His voice

Even when to ‘wade in the water’ is the best choice

Artist: Cathy Weis

Gift of Tom Weis


  1. Jesus commissions Peter

We live by the rule that we reap what we sow

What harvest for denials before the rooster crows

That fateful night haunts me in my troubled sleep

His forgiveness heals all, I’m told to feed His sheep

Artist: Coral Aiken Miller

Gift of Janet DeAnna

In thanksgiving for friendship


  1. Jesus ascends into Heaven

A child of God once told me a tale so true

She claimed Heaven was as close as me and you

Every time we give love a little taste

We turn our little world into a Holy place

Artist: Elizabeth Doyle

Gift of St. Mark’s ECW


  1. The Holy Spirit descends at Pentecost

Ever watch a dancer with hands waving in the air

Just trying to let God know that she is aware

Aware of the gift of being freed from sin

A simple gesture of thanks to be born again

Artists: Victor Abbott and Fr. Kyle Bennett

Gift of St. Mark’s Brotherhood

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