Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Wilson, the Dog’s Birthday Party at Stan’s

oanne Bromley (known in Goodland as Jo B) and Mark Payne have had a party for their Jack Russell Terrier dog, Wilson to benefit the Naples Humane Society (NHS) every year for the last eight years. Although it was cloudy and sprinkled at times, it didn’t stop the spirited crowd in Goodland on Saturday, December 15!

From 1-4 PM people came with or without a dog, but with many donations for the Humane Society. Raffle tickets were available for sale for a chance to win $1,000 cash or cruise voucher grand prize and a $500 prize, plus many other prizes and gift certificates donated for NHS in the name of Wilson’s birthday party!

The band Hot Damn played the music entertaining everyone and volunteers helped out with everything from raffles to packing up the NHS van. A generous lady named Janice even donated adoption fees for two dogs on the NHS truck, hoping they would be adopted that day! Karrie Black’s family adopted a black lab mix and I don’t know who was cuter, her daughter jumping for joy, or the dog being adopted!

So many people I spoke to had adopted their cat or dog through NHS or other shelters as I did, and they all said the same thing. Why buy an animal from a breeder when so many loving dogs and cats of so many breeds need homes? The stories they had were from saving a dog from a former life of neglect and cruelty, to my just wanting a cat. But even my cat, sweet Lilly Lou, was at Domestic Animal Shelter, which is a kill shelter so their animals get put down if they don’t find homes in an allotted timeframe or in other shelters like NHS (who saved my sweet angel from euthanization!). 

Wilson’s birthday party brought in $5,000 cash, which beat last year’s $3,500! A huge load of blankets, cleaning supplies, cat litter, towels, animal beds, and food and treats etc. all donated to NHS. Who would have thought an elderly dog like Wilson at 16 years old could bring so much love to a community? Happy Birthday Wilson and thank you Jo and Mark!

NHS still needs help with adoptions, supplies and donations. If you’re looking for a charity to donate to this holiday, NHS is the place! Naples Humane Society is located at 370 Airport Pulling Rd in Naples. For more information call 239-643-1555.

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