Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wilson Knows How to Throw A Party!

Photos by Glenn Walton  | Mark Payne and Wilson hosting the Humane Society Naples fundraiser for Wilson’s 19th birthday.


Cameron-Marie Hughes, 4 years old, was the winner of the second 50/50 and won $500, but quickly donated $100 back to Naples Humane Society.



Every year, one lucky dog gets to celebrate his birthday in style. Wilson, and his adopted parents, Jo Bromley and Mark Payne, have a party at Stan’s in Goodland. All sorts of twolegged friends come through bringing presents galore to honor Wilson. Of course, Wilson always wanting to be helpful, donates all those gifts to the Naples Humane Society. The adoption van was on hand to haul all those goodies back to the shelter.  

“This year was very special because it’s his 19th birthday, he’s up there!” said Mark. In human years, Wilson is 133 years old. While Wilson mostly kept his barstool warm waiting for his next nap, well-wishers came by and gave him a pat.  

The Hot Damn duo performed on stage but Wilson didn’t get on the dance floor much. He let his two-legged friends dance to their hearts content.  

To Wilson,  

Hope you know you are SO loved.  

Happy Birthday! 





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