Sunday, January 23, 2022

William Douglass County Commissioner Candidate for District 1 Knows Marco Island

Submitted Photo | William Douglass – 2019

You get to know a community in the most intimate way when you are a first responder providing mutual aid on Marco Island. 

The 7th floor of the Marco Marriot becomes your home in anticipation of the coming rescue operations from a hurricane. As a first responder, you get to know the inside of a community. 

William Douglass has worked a lot of fires, hurricanes, airplane crashes and performed countless other life-saving measures with residents of Marco Island who are experiencing the worst day of their lives. 

The second part of knowing a community is getting to the heart of the social fabric of a community. Douglass helped launch the Marco Island chapter of the Jaycees, has packaged goods for Meals of Hope, participated in the Christmas celebrations, the Farmers Markets and has a host of “newly formed family” where relationships go back decades.  

In that backdrop, it is logical that upon retiring, William Douglass wanted to continue his efforts in keeping his community as a great place to live. The next step is to run for Collier County Commissioner in District 1. This area includes Marco Island and East Naples. 

Douglass is familiar with the roadways and troubles from County Road 92 and 951 from the fact that he rescued people on these roadways and knows the dangerous areas.

He also has experienced the fun in the community when the Off the Hook Comedy club was located in Marco Island. He’s developed decades-old friendships with the community members.

“Knowing the community, the long history of evolving, and why things are the way they are, are important aspects of being an effective leader,” stated William Douglass when asked why people should vote for him. “I know I want someone who shares my sense of history, and will share a vision of the future based on the ideals a community holds dear.”

There’s no secret to where Douglass lives, as the entire community recognizes his home as his wife Lisa and two children have decorated their home in and “over the top” festive way for years, including Halloween, Christmas and other holiday occasions.

The relationships developed over the years keeps Douglass close to the wants and needs through his friends in the community. 

According to Douglass, “My life has been involved in making our community a better and safer place to live.  I believe talk without action means little. Character, dedication and commitment to others is the fingerprint we leave behind on what we touch.  Service to others is my credo.”

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