Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Will City Council Protect Us?

Letter to the Editor


Once again, our city council is re-drafting the noise ordinance. This has come about due to the tremendous outcry of many of us who have lost our quality of life due to unregulated short term rental houses and the many inconsiderate transient daily and weekly renter partygoers who have no respect for the quiet and peaceful existence of neighbors.

Entrepreneurs are getting into this business by buying up homes and turning them into short term rental flophouses that will add to our suffering.

In the drafting of this ordinance, my hope is that council will strengthen it to protect us who suffer, for that is the primary reason we have a government, to protect the people they serve. In other words, will council protect us?

But my fear after watching the May 3, 2021 council meeting is that bureaucrats will look to do little to improve laws that will truly protect us. I pray I am wrong.

Clearly, citizens must call in noise complaints whenever they feel their quality of life has been violated and government must respond with a comprehensive investigation of every complaint, anytime during the day or night! A police officer or community service officer who merely rings the front doorbell of a reported violator and tells the respondent that a noise complaint has been filed, does nothing to help the complainant when the officer has not investigated the wrongdoing by listening and looking for noise from the rear of the house where the party is going on! Going back to the office to then file a non-verified complaint is a slap in the face to the complainant and government fails to protect.
The current meager fines for repeat violating owners is also no help. They will pay these fines as a cost of doing business and we continue to suffer from their abusive renters. Raise the fines and consider court action for these repeat offenders!

Will you protect us Council? 


Joe Batte 

Marco Island



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