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IMG_1489No more pencils, no more books… is the anthem of the summer.  While pencils, books, tests, grades and classrooms may pause for the summer, should the learning take a break as well?  Urmila Wadnerkar, program manager at the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’mon) says the adamant answer is, “No way! We at C’mon believe that learning is a lifelong process that should be encouraged and nurtured all year long.”

Over the course of a lifetime, the average person spends only 5% of their time in school.  This means that we spend the majority of life outside of school… 95%.  MOST of the learning in a person’s life happens in an informal environment such as a museum, a library, a nature center, or in day-to-day living itself.  According to Beth Housewert, Director of Play and Learning, “C’mon seeks to complement learning and curriculum at school through hands-on interactions and multi-sensory programs.”

Why should children attend summer camp at C’mon?  C’mon offers day camps that engage children in kindergarten through fourth grade in a wide range of topics such as science,



technology, culture, and art through qualified, engaging, and fun instructors.  Our educators are experts at challenging campers at their skill level. This not only keeps the summer campers motivated, but encourages them to dive into projects and experiences they may never have encountered before.  Children resurface with a renewed interest, confidence, and pride accomplishing a new challenge.

IMG_1375During a C’mon camp, a child may look through a microscope for the very first time, but delve deeper by gathering specimens, creating slides and viewing them under different magnifications.  These junior microbiologists then make observations, discuss those observations with their peers, and record their findings in science journals.  Children may learn that a triangular truss is a strong structure, but will collaborate with his or her peers to build a giant geodesic dome, test and reinforce its weakest points, and then use it for imaginative play for the rest of the camp—turning it into a fort, a house, or a cave on a whim.  A child might explore the stars and constellations in the night sky, write a creative constellation story,



and then design and build a spacecraft that will take them to faraway stars and planets in the galaxy.

At C’mon camps, children have the opportunity to face educational challenges, socialize with professional individuals that are not found in the school environment and explore subjects that inspire.    Campers interact and become friends with children from different cultures, different schools, and different areas of Naples and the US.  From building mini-cities and pop-up restaurants, to creating community murals and movie masterpieces, campers get experience navigating challenges with their peers over the course of the camp week.

Children participating in C’mon’s KinderCamps will have a first-hand experience in a “class” environment which gives them a head start on kindergarten.  Kinder campers travel through the museum with a group of peers, listen and speak to each other respectfully, and practice independently fulfilling their needs.  Campers also have the opportunity to interact with “special guests” of C’mon—a naturalist from Rookery Bay, a firefighter from the North Naples Fire Department, or even a scientist from NASA!  A memorable experience with an expert will increase the motivation and interest level of a child, helping to solidify the



concepts and ideas they learn at camp.

The most exciting part of a C’mon camp is…. spending a week at C’mon!  Campers play and learn in the exhibits at C’mon all day!  Whether it is participating in a scavenger hunt, a rocket launch, a science experiment, or just being kids and playing, camps show the fun side of learning and the importance of play.  With fun activities, stimulating educational experiences, and a week full of memorable interactions, who wouldn’t want to be a C’mon camper?  For a complete listing of dates and themes visit For more information and to register call 239-260-1600!


About Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (C’mon) is Collier County’s first learning environment devoted exclusively to learning through play, exploration, innovation, creation and observation. C’mon encompasses 38,000-square-foot of space and is located in the North Collier Regional Park just 1.5 miles for I-75 exit 111. C’mon, one of the finest children’s museums in the United States, is fully accessible to all children regardless of their physical or learning abilities.  To learn more about C’mon, visit

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