Friday, December 3, 2021

Who Is Your Hero?

The Rotary Club Marco Island Noontime has devised a unique way to celebrate your very own hero. You can sponsor a flag in the “Flags for Heroes” display in their honor.  

Your personal hero may have a special place in your heart because they make you smile, or you appreciate the hard work they put in every day. It could be a healthcare worker, a favorite food service personsomeone who volunteers their time, maybe it’s veteran, or someone serving in the military. It could be anyone! A first respondera policeman, fireman, a teacher, mentor, caregiver, maybe it is a member of your family or someone you consider a friend, it could be your spouse the Rotary Club of Marco Island Noontime in partnership with the YMCA presents the spectacular Flags for Heroes display.  

You can sponsor a flag for your hero for $50. The flag will be in a spectacular visual display of hundreds of American flags between February 14th and February 19th between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Each flag will be hoisted on a seven-foot mast in the open lot on San Marco Road at the corner of Sandhill.  

Linda Sandlin, President of the Rotary Club of Marco Island Noontime, indicates over a hundred flags have been sold already. The deadline to sponsor a flag is either December 11th or when sold out. Proceeds from this event will go back to serving the needs of our community’s critical needs. Each flag will have a medallion with the sponsors name and the name of the person being honored. When the event is done, the medallion is yours to keep. What a fantastic way to honor someone. 

“The Rotary Club strives each year to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We are People of Action… your friends, neighbors, colleagues and community leadersa fun group of influential men and womeninspired with ideas and a zest for community service.” You can contact Linda at 239777-9200 or at for a sponsorship application.


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