Saturday, June 25, 2022

White Hot Season



As I predicted, sterling silver and other white metals such as palladium and stainless steel were on fire this season.

Don’t think the demand for gold was nil; it wasn’t. But when the cost for the regal yellow metal was quoted to most, it was out of the question due to the expense. Gold is down but still not cheap, nor will it ever be again.

Sea life jewelry was as usual, the predominant must have item. If you can’t sell nature jewelry here on Marco Island, I suggest you hang it up because year after year in my shop sea life is always in great demand considering we’re in paradise. Orders for my custom handmade palm trees and sand dollars both in two-tone gold and silver combinations were near impossible to keep up with.

Surprisingly, diamond studded yellow and white gold palm trees priced from $900 to $1,500 were great sellers this season.

The undisputed shining star of the season was my line of Lafonn elegant jewelry; a platinum plated, sterling silver set with scratch resistant white and colored cubic zirconia. These pieces are exquisite works of art. Every stone is hand set and an item that costs you under $200 that looks and feels like a piece you could spend $5,000 or more on for an exact piece in gold and diamonds.

Besides looking more expensive than it is, Lafonn jewelry is also practical for travel, and it has that WOW factor for cocktail parties or elegant island affairs. Folks who would normally never wear cubic zirconia jewelry are astonished when they find out it’s not platinum and diamonds. They wind up buying complete earring, bracelet and ring ensembles. Last March “Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba sparkled wearing several Lafonn bangle bracelets.

The “Rebecca” line, imported from Florence, that consisted of heavy and bold gold and silver over bronze was a powerful fashion statement, while portraying both bling and quality.

Silver remains on top, enjoying its status as the “new gold” while stainless steel jewelry for both men and women is also enjoying popularity now that jewelry factories have realized that manufacturing only gold jewelry is a sure way to go belly up in this economy.

It’s a fact people still love jewelry – both getting and receiving it – and the jewelry doesn’t have to be solid gold to be exciting and fun to wear. Leather and steel jewelry is appealing to both masculine and feminine wearers. I have a huge selection of high fashion silver and gold toned stainless chains for both men and ladies at ridiculously low cost.

It seems for most in these still troubling economic times, creating the illusion of grandeur is smarter than actually possessing the real thing.

I thank the heavens for the small percentage of fine jewelry connoisseurs who still have a penchant for things that are beautiful. They realize that jewelry of high quality, although expensive, lasts for generations to come and superior quality will retain most of its value.

Once again, I thank my loyal customers, for without them it would be impossible for my son and me to continue our craft; designing and creating by hand, piece after piece, for those of you who appreciate the finer things in life created of precious metals and exquisite gemstones.


A lady e-mailed me asking what could be done to prevent her diamond stud earrings from drooping downward making them less than elegant looking?

The way diamond studs fit can have a lot to do with the person’s earlobe. As we get older, our earlobes can get more or less (how can I say this diplomatically?) rigid, or the holes can become enlarged making it difficult for a tight fit of the earring stud. The tighter the fit the straighter the earring looks. The best way is to make the backs larger and tighter fitting. What works in my store are little clear plastic discs with center holes that are placed behind the lobes. Insert the post through the ear and the disc, fasten the screw or friction back. This always solves the problem.


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