Saturday, October 16, 2021

When will we ever learn?



By Tarik Ayasun

It never ceases to amaze me when most of the Western world chooses to act like ostriches in the desert and bury their heads in the sand when the evidence is before them, as bright as a sunny summer day.

First, it was Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq who turned his own people into a listless crowd of voiceless slaves; killed masses of them using chemical weapons; spent and plundered the treasures of Iraq as if it was his own; invaded a neighboring country, stealing their treasures, raping their women and destroying their homes; and fought a senseless war against another neighbor resulting in the death of over a million people. The West either cooperated with him openly or supported him covertly for over 30 years; acting as enablers of this mad man just to make sure oil flowed daily without interruptions. Finally, when it all started getting caught up to Saddam, America invaded Iraq to get rid of him at a huge cost; the lives of over 4,000 of the best young men and women our country can offer. Once Saddam was gone, his life ending at the circular end of a well oiled jute rope, the enablers and deniers started to condemn him; they called him every name in the book and made him look like the fool he always was for 30 years or more…

Now it is Muammar Gaddafi’s turn in the barrel. All the boo-birds are out screaming at the top of their lungs how “we” should NOW get rid of this disgusting character who brutalized his own people. “He is a mad-man” they now say. What a joke! I want to jump out of my skin and yell at these enablers, “Hey! Wake up! He has been in Libya for the past 42 years doing the same things he was doing today, yesterday and the day before yesterday! Where have you been all these years? Why was this “unstable mad man” not dealt with sometime in the past 42 years? Why was he afforded Head-of-State status when he personally announced that he was not a President, nor a Vice President or even a Prime Minister? Why did Heads of State from all over the world trek down to Libya, made to wait outside a tent in the middle of the desert for hours at a time enduring sweltering heat just to have an audience with this “unstable mad man”? Those who do not regularly or closely follow world events would not know that Libya, the premier abuser of human rights sits on the United Nations Human Rights Commission! Surely, one has to think this is a misprint or a misstatement! Shocking news to the deniers and enablers; Libya sits on the UN Human rights commission as a fully recognized member and votes on so called “human rights violations” of Western democracies, including the United States of America. And the West tolerates all this because they must keep the oil flowing!

While the whole world finally seems to be collectively focused on Libya as a result of the latest situation there, let us examine who Gaddafi is and what he has been doing for the last 42 years. His Arabic name has been translated in no less than 32 different ways (such as Quaddafi, Qaddafi, Khaddafi as well as Gaddafi and al-Gaddafi. For the purpose of this article, I chose to use the most common spelling of his name, Gaddafi.)

Gaddafi was born a Bedouin tribesman, attended a prestigious military college after completing his basic education. Immediately after graduation, he set about plotting to overthrow Libya’s ruler King Idris I, succeeding in 1969 and taking power in a bloodless coup. Gaddafi was a 27 year old Lieutenant at the time. It was during this period in his life that he took on the military title “Colonel”. In the 1970’s he seemed to get involved in philosophy (!), publishing his so-called “Green Book” of political philosophy (inspired by the “Red Book” of Chairman Mao) and leading Libya in a path of “Islamic socialism” while ruthlessly suppressing any dissent. During the 1980’s he started to tangle with the USA and President Reagan who publicly called Gaddafi “the mad dog of the Middle East” and ordered U.S. Air Force bombings in Tripoli in 1986 that allegedly killed Gaddafi’s adopted daughter. As we have recently learned, the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am passenger jet over Lockerbie, Scotland was the work of Libyan terrorists who acted with the full knowledge and blessings of Gaddafi. This action, yet unproven at the time led to international sanctions on Libya throughout the 1990’s. Libya finally took responsibility for the bombings in 2003, easing the sanctions and leading to better relations with the West. Throughout all, Gaddafi remained firmly in power and built a reputation as a shrewd, if eccentric and ruthless dictator. The overwhelming availability of evidence of his acts of international and domestic terrorism and brutality will no doubt result in his being brought before an International War Crimes Tribunal; that is if he has not already assumed “room temperature” by the time you read this article.

Unfortunately the beat goes on for the enablers and deniers of the West. Last week, two US Air Force servicemen were killed by a 21 year old Muslim gunman from Kosovo who opened fire on a bus at Frankfurt Airport, screaming “Allah-u Akbar/God is Great” while doing his dastardly deed. This was a clear act of terrorism perpetrated on our serviceman by a Muslim terrorist (while acting alone or as a part of a larger terror initiative) in the name of Islam; yet the US Department of Justice spokesman P J Crawley refused to use the words “Islamic terrorist” in his news conference, once again in full denial and as a result, being an enabler. Unless we wake up as a nation, rise up and demand from our leaders that enemies of the West in general and America in particular are identified publicly, never befriended under any circumstance; never enabled to do damage to freedom and democracy everywhere, there will always be a Saddam, a Mubarak, a Gaddafi or an Osama around to punish us for our acts of denial and inaction. When will we ever learn to stop acting like ostriches in the desert and start showing the world some real leadership?

Currently a member of Marco Island’s Code Enforcement Board, Tarik Ayasun has given many years of community service to various organizations.

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