Saturday, January 29, 2022

When Choosing a Boat, Choose Green

Oyster Cracker

Oyster Cracker

Boats come in all colors — but wait — a truly green boat is not just green in color.

Joe Finn of Storm Port Boatworks of Homosassa will proudly display the Oyster Cracker, an eco-friendly shallow draft boat at the Mullet Festival in Goodland, January 29 – 31.

According to Joe, the Oyster Cracker is designed to greatly reduce environmental impact to our fragile marine eco-system. The boat will run in eight inches of water. With a unique tunnel, the boat will not scar grass beds or manatees. Inboard diesel power delivers uncanny fuel efficiency of one-half gallon an hour. The nine-gallon fuel tank provides over 270 miles of carefree boating.

Classic styling and modern innovations make this the perfect boat for the demanding flats fisherman. Each boat is custom built to order with the utmost attention to quality.

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