Thursday, October 28, 2021

What’s in Store for MIA?

Marco Island Academy (MIA) is a small, local high school that is filled with laughter, hard work and courage.

Every year the Academy changes in both little and large ways. So, what’s in store for the 2018-2019 school year at MIA? An interview with fifth year principal Melissa Scott brought forth upcoming changes for MIA.

The entirety of the MIA family has been hard at work this summer to ensure a safe, welcoming, and inspiring experience for all students and visitors. The main focus of the summer was to put all of the new safety precautions into place. MIA has incorporated a state mandated safety plan as well as an assessment of their new and improved security. With recent events hitting home for former Washington, DC teacher, and now principal, Melissa Scott, she knew she was going to do everything in her power to keep the students out of harm’s way. Scott states, “We all love these kids with our whole hearts, and we will do anything to keep them safe.”

Stemming along the trend of student wellbeing, a new system will be used to help the graduating class. Naviance, a website created to assist seniors in the college application process, will be introduced to the Class of 2019. Naviance guides students to help them find schools that are a good fit for them and their strengths, as well as helping students find other post secondary options such as the military.

When asked what the largest goal for the upcoming school year was, Scott was eager to express her passion about creating and sustaining a well rounded athletics department. Since MIA is already academically strong, having been rated an A school once again, the athletics department will be reinvented in the 2018-2019 school year. The first step taken to better the department was hiring a new Athletic Director, Ryan Marie Roberts. Roberts has many plans to bring the student athletes together, which will give them the full high school experience. (Read more about the new Athletic Director in this issue.)

Not only on the field will the teenagers have a pleasant experience, but on school grounds too! Marco Island Academy has revamped itself with new paint jobs, blinds, carpeting, and new teachers and staff members. Along with Roberts, the new Athletic and Activities Director, the school will be welcoming an English teacher as well as new coaches for the Cheer and Swim teams.

There is a lot in store for Marco Island Academy in this upcoming school year. The staff, students, and the entirety of the MIA family sends their gratitude towards the Marco Island community and is ready for another great year.

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