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What Trust Means to Me

Dr. Robert Zehr, founder  of The Zehr Center for Orthopedics. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Dr. Robert Zehr, founder of The Zehr Center for Orthopedics. SUBMITTED PHOTO

To Your Health
Scott Lowe
CEO, Physicians Regional-Collier Blvd

As the CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System, I have tremendous respect for the importance of “trust.” For example, what it means to earn another person’s trust. However, almost more important are the ongoing steps required to keep that trust.

When a patient comes through the doors of our Pine Ridge and Collier Boulevard campuses or our Marco Island clinic, they must be able to trust — and find comfort in — the skill sets of everyone they meet. Not just our physicians and clinical staff, but every member of our team.

Celebrated thought leader Stephen R. Covey once said: “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

This is profoundly true of the doctor/patient relationship.

I also view the concept of trust in different ways: as a leader, a father, a husband and a native of Southwest Florida. In my case, every patient we see is likely to be a friend, a neighbor or a family member.

However, I never let myself forget that I’m also a patient, too.

Though Physicians Regional Healthcare System is the home to over 300 community physicians, only 40 are actually employed by us. The rest have chosen Physicians Regional as their preferred, home base hospital.

Even on those occasions when a physician chooses to leave our employ and venture into, for example, private practice, they almost always continue to operate from our hospitals. “Trust” wins again.

Though I respect and appreciate every physician who chooses Physicians Regional, Dr. Robert Zehr has a very longstanding relationship with our hospitals — one that is uniquely deserving of today’s spotlight.

I first met Dr. Zehr 15 years ago as part of the team that opened our Pine Ridge location as the Cleveland Clinic. His thoughts on a collaborative approach to delivering high-quality compassionate care remain true as we continue to focus on making Physicians Regional the provider of choice in Southwest Florida.

Dr. Zehr is a board certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and the founder of The Zehr Center for Orthopedics, a private orthopedic surgery practice located in Naples. Dr. Zehr has over 25 years of orthopedic experience in complex joint reconstruction and

Dr. Robert Zehr, founder of The Zehr Center for Orthopedics. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Dr. Robert Zehr, founder of The Zehr Center for Orthopedics. SUBMITTED PHOTO


In simple terms, Dr. Zehr has chosen to operate from the Total Joint Center at Physicians Regional because we “have the right staff and the right equipment.”

“The ancillary services at Physicians Regional are top notch – such as physical therapy. And their physical therapists are top flight,” explains Dr. Zehr. “My patients are quite comfortable because of the people involved. This excellence is enhanced by everything from food service to the admin[istrative] staff who help coordinate financial requirements. Plus, the nursing staff is superior. Many have been there for years.”

In other words, Dr. Zehr trusts Physicians Regional to support both his patients and his business.

The Total Joint Center at Physician Regional is for individuals in need of hip and knee replacement. The Center provides a new way to treat/look at this inpatient procedure. It is essentially a specialty hospital within a hospital.

According to Dr. Zehr: “Any time you want to create an area of expertise, you do that with the concept that it is not just one person being excellent; it’s a team of excellence. Physicians Regional has created a center of excellence.”

Patients get a daily newsletter – similar to a cruise ship – to outline the day’s agenda. Patients also attend group activities such as pre-op classes to set expectations and reduce anxiety.

What’s more, the majority of our orthopedic patients are discharged the day after surgery.

The Total Joint Center at Physician Regional operates by the Marshall | Steele™ approach, an internationally renowned process, characterized by delivering exceptional patient experiences through coordinated caregivers, processes and services that deliver a collaborative continuum of care.

To Dr. Zehr: “Any practitioner is greatly dependent on the functioning of their hospital. Physicians Regional has always provided the best people.”

And when people or human nature is involved, it will always come back to “trust;” The trust between a doctor and a patient, as well as the trust between a surgeon and their chosen hospital.

Perhaps Dr. Zehr says it best: “As physicians, we take care of people. As soon as you don’t want to do that, you better get out of this business.”

I am certainly pleased that Dr. Zehr, and many other fine physicians, have made Physicians Regional their hospital of choice.

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