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What is Marco in Bloom?

Residential single family home 2015 winner, 268 Bald Eagle Drive, Kim and Mike Harless.

Residential single family home 2015 winner, 268 Bald Eagle Drive, Kim and Mike Harless.


By now you’ve probably noticed the light pole banners throughout Marco Island displaying the signs for “Marco in Bloom.” Marco in Bloom is a citywide recognition/award with emphasis on Florida friendly landscape, water conservation, use of color and contrast, and creativity.

Categories include:

Residential: Single family homes personally landscaped.

Residential: Single family homes professionally landscaped.

Cul-de-sacs: Adopted and maintained by residents.

Commercial property: Non-Residential (Zoned C1-C5).

Condominiums: Multi-family dwelling unit, condo complex grounds.

Institutions: Government properties, schools and houses of worship.

This is a contest/recognition put on by the Beautification Advisory Committee (BAC).

The BAC wanted to recognize people in the community for creating a more beautiful landscape to look at while keeping its tropical character and natural beauty. Thus, five-plus years ago, a committee-sponsored event was created to do just that. They called it Marco in Bloom.


Criteria for eligibility are:

Use of native or water wise plant material (because water is a precious and diminishing commodity in Southwest Florida), minimizing grass is emphasized.

Use of color and contrast.

Visibility from public streets.


So what

Kathy and Brad Badeau’s winning cul-de-sac. Submitted Photos

Kathy and Brad Badeau’s winning cul-de-sac. Submitted Photos

do you do to enter this recognition contest? Simple, real simple.

Take a few pictures of the landscape from the front of your house, condo or building. Write a few sentences as to why the nominee deserves to be recognized.

Call the Parks and Recreation Department at 239-389-5035 and nominate your own yard, a neighbor’s yard, a condo or a city establishment. Applications are available at Mackle Park or online at

The deadline for nominations is April 19, 2016. As one drives around Marco there are many landscapes big and small that help make Marco come alive with beauty. So take a look around and nominate them. There will be a winner and a runner-up for each category.

Properties will be judged by the BAC, and the winners presented with a sign at the May 2nd City Council meeting. This sign can be placed in the front of the property.

However, all qualified participants will be recognized with a recognition certificate. Let’s recognize beauty when we see it.

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