Saturday, October 23, 2021

What Does the Future Hold?

More Straight Talk

For decades now, scientists have been beaming out messages to the far reaches of the galaxy in an attempt to reach other intelligent beings. The time it would take to reach some of these far-reaching galaxies might well go beyond the time you and I have left on this planet.

How we would even decipher or understand a response to our initial message to these distant locations is not even known. Maybe it would be in the form of a numeric response or through audio tones, similar to those seen in the 1977 drama/fantasy movie, “Strange Encounters of the Third Kind” by Stephen Spielberg, which starred a young Richard Dreyfuss. The movie itself is a cult favorite for those that share a keen interest in unidentified flying objects and visitors from other galaxies.

I cannot begin to tell you with any certainty, that our planet has or has not been visited by other species from beyond our galaxy. I don’t know what is located in the infamous Area 51, the Holy Grail of conspiracists who believe our governments here and abroad have kept the truth from us regarding visitors from beyond our planet.

Another movie cult favorite was first produced in 1951. It was called “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” The crux of the movie centered around the premise that our civilization, due to our actions during the Cold War and the subsequent spread of nuclear weapons around the globe had been deemed too dangerous to allow to continue down its destructive path by others within the galaxy.

Fifty-seven years later, in 2008, Keanu Reeves would star in a remake of that popular cult classic, and once again our civilization would be saved by the efforts of a single mom, an elderly scientist and a very young boy, as together they would show that we could redeem ourselves and not be eliminated by the intergalactic robot Gort, who was assigned the task to eliminating our troublesome species.

I am certain of one thing though, if another species from within or beyond our galaxy had the ability to monitor our communications here on earth, they would be wise to steer clear of the human race, at least for now.

For the last decade or more, the raw rancor and divisive debate that has been a hallmark of our great Republic has been embarrassing at best. The world canvas has not been a very attractive representation of the best of our civilization either.

Oppression continues throughout the continents around the world. Genocide continues, children and adults continue to starve, and lives are lost on a daily basis due to religious conflicts.

All of this, while the greatest nation that has ever existed on our planet can’t seem to come to grips with the responsibilities we have, regardless of the wonders our creator has blessed us with and the hearts of the citizens of this great nation.

We take more pride in arguing with each other, rather than reaching solutions to our own internal challenges. The inability on both side of the aisle to seek resolutions to our trials and tribulations continue to embolden those who would seek to do us harm and destroy this Republic, whether by outside influence or internally.

Rather than seeking a reasonable solution, we instead relish in seeking cheap political victories and put our thumb in the eyes of our opponents, therefore ensuring the conflict and rancor will continue to escalate, while those that seek to do us harm sit on the sidelines as we head down the road of self-destruction.

Yes, if explorers were to circle our globe and listen to the raw discourse which has become center of the debate between the major two parties of our electorate system, they would certainly be taken aback by the childish antics of both sides. They would also be astounded by the cruelty that permeates global conflicts around the world.

We must step beyond the boundaries of party and instead start to govern based upon what is best for the nation. This is a time for leadership, which must have its foundation based solidly on the courage of doing what is best for the Republic.

I can’t help but to think back on the words of two great Presidents who have led our nation during difficult times. Times in our history which would determine our destiny as a leader on the world stage.

John F. Kennedy would come to realize his responsibility to the nation. “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future,” said Kennedy

When reflecting on the future of the Republic, Abraham Lincoln would say, “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step across the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trail of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reaches us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicides.”

The choices are ours today and the failure to move forward will doom all of our futures and squander the great gifts of liberty and freedom which have been bestowed on us.

Steve Stefanides, well-known by his nickname “Stef,” is an experienced award-winning reporter of local civic and public interest news. Stef’s More Straight Talk column (and its predecessor, Straight Talk), on a variety of subjects, is a favorite of readers who trust him to bring them the facts. A Marco Island resident, Stef contributes to the community in many ways, having served on a number of city committees, charitable groups, boards and local organizations. Contact him by email at

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