Wednesday, December 1, 2021

WGCU Radio Reading Service provides Broadcasting to the Blind and Visually Impaired Lighthouse of Collier’s Brown Bag Lunch Series

Jack Flaherty, with WGCU Radio Reading Service, will share the programs that the Radio Reading Service provides to persons who are blind, physically impaired and print handicapped.

The program operates like a commercial radio station with a control room, broadcast studios and individual recording booths to bring printed materials to those who may not have access otherwise. Dedicated volunteer produce hundreds of hours of programming each month. Find out how you can benefit from the Radio Reading Service, what types of information and news media is broadcasted, and how you can take advantage of these services. The Radio Reading Service is a member-supported service of WGCU Public Media, at Florida Gulf Coast University.

The Lighthouse of Collier’s Brown Bag Lunch Series is on the third Tuesday of every month @ 11:30.   Please bring your own “brown bag” lunch to eat during or after the presentation. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, socialize, and learn more about how Lighthouse of Collier can serve you. The event is being held at Lighthouse of Collier, 2685 Horseshoe Drive South, Suite 211, Naples, FL 34104 and is open to the blind and visually impaired community as well as their friends and caregivers. For reservations, please contact Rick @ 239-430-3934.

Lighthouse of Collier’s brown bag series will feature a different speaker each meeting. If you are interested in speaking at one of the events, please contact Lighthouse of Collier.

The mission of Lighthouse of Collier is to promote the development, implementation, and on-going evaluation of programs and services which foster independence and enhance the quality of life for the blind, visually impaired and their caregivers. To learn more about Lighthouse of Collier please visit 239-430-EYE4 (3934).

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