Thursday, October 28, 2021

We Are Back…



Tarik Ayasun

President Obama in 2012 drew a red line in the sand and warned the murderous leader of Syria, Bashar Al Assad that should he choose to use chemical weapons on his own people, he will pass the red line.

Well, the Obama line was crossed repeatedly but the meek president did not do anything about the line he drew. Fortunately, we have a new president now and he did not have to draw another line in the sand or get the United Nations or the United States Congress involved in his decision to rain some Tomahawk missiles on the airport where the planes laden with poisonous gas bombs took off from.

In the age of satellites and constant monitoring of enemy movements, there was no doubt in anyone’s minds at the Pentagon or at the President’s security council where the planes took off from; when they took off; what route they took before they dropped the deadly bombs killing men, women, children and little babies in their diapers in the worst way possible. No president or commander, nor any decent human being could watch this happen.

President Trump did not wait too long. The line which was drawn by President Obama some years ago but ignored by the enemy as well as by us, was never officially removed. The line was drawn by a president of USA, and therefore represented our country and not the president who uttered the threat. Therefore, when President Trump authorized the missile strike, he was using the line that was drawn and violated by the Assad regime as the basis of his decision-making process. This was a very limited, very precise and very lethal Tomahawk strike to the airport where the planes took off from and used chemical weapons.

Two Arleigh Burke class destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross happened to be on duty some miles south of the Island of Cyprus, cruising in the Mediterranean.

Both destroyers carry Tomahawk missiles and I can assure you that all the Tomahawks on board each destroyer can hit numerous, pre-programmed targets within Syria, or any other enemy territories nearby.

It will be more than negligent of me at this point not to mention that the commander of the USS Porter — one of the two Navy destroyers that launched cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield Thursday night — is a 1998 Naval Academy graduate.

Commander Andria Slough graduated from the academy with a bachelor of science degree in ocean engineering, according to the Navy’s website. She serves as the commanding

Submitted Photo | Commander Andria Slough

Submitted Photo | Commander Andria Slough

officer of the USS Porter, a Navy destroyer in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

President Donald Trump ordered the destroyer, along with the USS Ross, to launch 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles. One of the missiles apparently failed but the other 59 hit their targets. This is the first time the White House has ordered military action against President Bashar al-Assad’s government since the Syrian civil war began about six years ago.

Approximately 20 military jets and all 13 hardened bunkers were destroyed. Those who know anything about Tomahawks would immediately know that much more damage could have been inflicted. However, it is very clear to me and others that the idea was not to inflict maximum damage on the Assad regime’s airport but to send a simple, strong and very clear message not only to Bashar Assad, the murderer of babies in diapers, but to all dictators and enemies of America around the world.

We are back… America is back. The tiger has awoken.

One can be sure that the leader of North Korea, the one with the bad haircut and pudgy face who has no qualms about having his uncle and step-brother murdered, went to his hardened bunker just in case. One can only wonder and chuckle when President Trump turned to Xi Jinping, President of China during the state dinner at Mar-a-Largo and said “Mr. President, we just hit al-Shayrat Airfield, which was believed to have launched the fixed-wing planes that carried out a chemical weapons strike on Tuesday on the town of Khan Sheikhoun. We used 59 Tomahawk missiles. Please pass the bread!” President Xi must have wondered for a moment about the island building activity his government is carrying on in the China Sea, to be used for military purposes.

Will this limited attack change anything? Will Bashar Al-Assad turn into an angel overnight? I doubt it. He knows he has no options left after what he has done. If he comes out alive out of this debacle, his destination will be The Hague; to be tried as a war criminal and possibly put to death. However, I would rather see him placed in a maximum-security cell for the rest of his natural life, listening to the melodious sounds of little babies in diapers crying loudly played as background music for him 24/7.

That would be real justice. And that would really make me happy.

Tarik Ayasun is president of the Marco Island Charter Middle School Board of Directors and has given many years of community service to various organizations. Contact Tarik Ayasun at

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