Friday, January 21, 2022

Waterfront Park an Option


A developer is trying to build an assisted living facility (ALF) on the NCH urgent care property. It is my understanding that NCH in exchange for the land will get a much-needed new building. The problem is this kind of use is not allowed based on the current Marco Island Land Development Code (LDC). Despite this fact, our Planning Board decided to approve this project by using some very creative interpretations.

Does Marco need an ALF? How much will these units cost? Will millionaires be the only ones able to afford these units? What is the public benefit for modifying our LDC? Perhaps there is another option.

This piece of land is the last large undeveloped waterfront property on the island. NCH needs a new building and a way to pay for it. I suggest that the City buy the property from NCH and let NCH keep a portion for it’s new building. The rest of the property would be a new Marco waterfront park.

The good news is that next year Veteran’s Community Park is paid off. The millage used to pay for that park can be used to buy the new park. The taxpayers would see no increase in their
current taxes.

This option would benefit all residents (not just 168). It would reduce density and intensity on the island. It would be consistent with our LDC. It would improve on water quality. It would create more green space. This would be a win-win for everyone.

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  1. John says:

    That is a great Idea !!!

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