Saturday, November 27, 2021


Marco Island played grateful host to the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team at Winterberry Park on November 12. Appropriately enough the Warriors showed they are heroes on the diamond, as well as the battlefield, by thrashing a Police-Fire Rescue squad by 21 to 9 in the morning and following up with a 17 to 14 beating of a Marco Island Senior league team. Watching the Warriors running on one or two prosthetic legs, and fielding or batting with one prosthetic arm brought admiration and a tear or two for the indomitable soldiers and marines. It’s nothing short of astonishing to see these athletes perform.

A crowd of several hundred welcomed the Warriors warmly and contributed generously to their cause. All proceeds from the games went to the Warrior team.

The Warrior Team members who served in Iraq or Afghanistan are:

• Saul Bosquez – amputated left leg

• Tom Carlo – amputated right leg

• Nick Clark – amputated left leg

• Tim Horton – amputated left leg

• “Doc” Jacobs – amputated left leg

• Matt Kinsey – amputated right leg

• Norbie Lara – amputated right arm

• Dan Lasko – amputated left leg

• Nate Lindsey – amputated left arm

• Bobby McCardle – amputated right leg

• Mike Meinen – amputated right leg

• Brandon Olson – amputated right leg

• Francisco Pinedo – amputated left leg

• Lee Randles – amputated left leg

• Greg Reynolds – amputated left arm

• Phillip Rugg – amputated left leg

• Brian Urruela – amputated right leg

• Josh Wege – amputated left and right legs

Coaching this unique team is David Van Sleet, Department of Veterans Affairs. These young men asked for nothing more than a chance to continue playing ball. They deserve a lot more from their country. Readers who want to contribute to these heroes may contact 703-549-2288 or visit


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