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Marco Island, Florida, November 29, 2010 – The word’s in – loud and clear! It’s not just little boys and girls Santa Claus is checking twice on his list this year. To see if they’ve been naughty or nice, bad or good in 2010, Santa has a special “Arts Afire!” list that includes older brothers and sisters, mothers and dads, uncles and aunts. And one sure way for the grown-ups to make their goodness shine brighter that Rudolph’s nose is for them to nominate someone to receive an Annual City of Marco Island Cultural Award for 2010.

That “someone” might excel in the performing arts as a musical instrumentalist, dancer, actor or singer. That “someone” could be outstanding in the visual arts as a painter, sculptor, photographer, or graphics designer. And that “someone” could be a person who isn’t an artist at all, but one whose involvement in the arts is either in financial support, as a positive catalyst or leader, or consistently gives an abundance of time.

Santa’s elves have made it easy for you to make your choices. They have fixed the City’s website so that all you have to do to get an application is go on line on to Or ask someone at any of Marco’s arts organizations for an application.

“This is all a part of our first annual ‘Arts Afire!’ program, but all you have to know for now-– qualifications and instructions – is included on the applications,” said JoAnn Sanborn, who chairs the Arts Advisory Committee’s Awards Subcommittee. “You can choose to nominate in one or all of the five categories: Cultural Leadership, Individual Artistic Achievement, Emerging Artists, Arts in Education, and Public/Private Art Business.” Ms. Sanborn added, “That’s only the beginning. The winners will receive their awards from members of the City Council at a gala dinner that will also celebrate the finale of our nine-day arts festival and the end of ‘Arts Afire!’ for 2010-2011.”

Nominating someone whom you believe to be worthy of this, one of our city’s highest awards, is a win-win act. You will be helping to recognize and encourage a member of Marco Island’s arts and cultural community, while also experiencing that rare moment of satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve done the right thing. Santa will have to check your name on his list as someone who has been “good for goodness sake.”

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