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Walking in History’s Footsteps

Robert N. Macomber

Robert N. Macomber


Florida author and historian, Robert N. Macomber recently embarked on a historical expedition to Santiago de Cuba, researching the battlefield sites of the Spanish-American War for his upcoming novels.

His trek to eastern Cuba will be repeated in a Military History Expedition March 6-11, 2017, open to anyone interested in walking in Theodore Roosevelt’s footsteps.

Macomber’s “eyeball recon” research included exploration of El Morro Castle, the Siboney invasion beach, the Guasimas battlefield, and the American Army’s route of approach to Santiago. He hiked across the battlefields of El Caney, Kettle Hill and San Juan Heights. He worked with Cuban scholars comparing period

Military History Expedition to CubaMarch 6-11, 2017

Military History Expedition to CubaMarch 6-11, 2017

maps, logs, and recounts of what is termed in Cuba as the Spanish-Cuban-American War.

Macomber says, “This journey was a step back in time. It’s an area of Cuba less travelled by tourists and important for those enticed by the war which made America a global power. I had to see the vistas, smell the air, feel the terrain, and meet the locals in order to make it come alive in my books. Now I’m excited to share this with those curious about the Spanish-American War.” Adding, “Remember the Maine!”

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