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Voting Is A Duty

One of the greatest privileges bestowed upon Americans is their right to vote freely for the person or persons of their desires. To do so you first have to register to vote and that process has been made especially simple. 

You may simply go online at to find all of the necessary information and instructions on how to accomplish that. You may update your information at that location also. If you got married or moved, you should review those requirements and the simple process necessary to do that. 

If you are not comfortable with working online or on a computer, you may get some simple instructions by calling the Collier County Elections Office at 239-252-8683 for friendly and simple assistance. 

Voting today has become extremely simple and you have a number of options that will allow you to exercise your rights as a citizen of the United States. You may choose to participate in the Vote by Mail process by simply applying for a mailin ballot. You may also choose to participate in the Early Voting Program which may eliminate a long wait on election day. You may also choose to vote on election day and exercise your rights. 

During 2020, you will have three opportunities to vote, with the first being the Presidential Primary. That vote will be held on March 17th2020. During the Presidential Preference Primary, voters will vote on presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties, and then only of the party they are declared as. To change one’s party, it would have had to of been done by February 18th, 2020. 

Early voting in the Presidential Primary will be held from March 7-14 from 10 AM to 6 PM each day.  

You may request a mail-in ballot from February 6th to March 9th and the deadline to request a mail-in ballot is March 7th. 

Florida Primary Election 

The Florida Primary Election will be held on August 18th, 2020. Should you desire to participate in the election of the candidate of a particular party you must be registered as an elector of that party. The deadline for the declaration of that party preference is July 20th, 2020. 

Early Voting will be held on August 8-15 10 AM  PM. 

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Mailings: July 9  August 10Ballot Request Deadline: August 8th. 

During the Primary Election, electors will vote for state and federal representatives (outside of the presidency) within their party affiliations. If opposed within their own parties, United States senators, representatives in congress, state representatives and state senators will be on the ballot.  

Alsoif opposed within their partythe five constitutional officers will appear on the ballot: the clerk of courts, property appraiser, sheriff, supervisor of elections and tax collector. Voters may also see county commissioners and precinct committeemen and women depending on their jurisdiction.  

Because Florida is a closed primary state, voters may only vote within their party. The winning candidates of the Primary Election, who see opposition from another party, will then move on to the General Election in November.  

The General Election 

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 is the official date of the General Election. You must be registered to vote in that election by October 5th. 

You may choose to Vote-by-Mail between September 24  October 26. You only need to request a ballot by October 24th and return by the day of the election. 

Early Voting will commence on October 19  31 from 9 AM  PM each day. 

The General Election ballot will list the candidates for the presidency and the winning candidates of the August Primary Election. During this election, voters will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate regardless of their party affiliation.  

Voters will also vote on state amendments andbased on their jurisdictionvoters may see judicial contests, local referenda and district seats such as school board. 

Get to Know Your Candidates 

Various civic organizations and political party groups will be holding events that will allow you to view candidates and hear their views on various issues affecting residents within Collier County, the City of Marco and for State Offices. Watch your local media outlets and the Coastal Breeze for announcements regarding their locations and times. 

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