Monday, November 29, 2021

Vote Yes for Marco Island

Letter to the Editor

Dear Marco Island Voters:  

The August 2020 Marco Island version of the Primary Ballot contains a question as to whether to Prohibit the Sale and Distribution of Recreational Marijuana (Medical Marijuana and CBD Products are excluded) on Marco Island. It is important to know that Naples has banned Marijuana sales completely and Collier County has not allowed Medical Marijuana within the County. That means that if and when Recreational Marijuana becomes legal in the State of Florida, Marco Island could very well be the ONLY location where Recreational Marijuana would be available in Collier County. The significant increase in traffic and the potential for increased numbers of impaired drivers driving on Marco Island are both very devastating to our Quality of Life and our “Small Town Ambiance. So, when you vote on this issue, please join the over 2,000 Registered Voters who signed the Petition to get this question on the Ballot and VOTE YES to “PROHIBIT the SALE.” Your vote will let City Council know how you feel about this issue. 

Ed Issler 

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