Monday, January 24, 2022

Vote for Rich Blonna

Letter to the Editor

My husband was on the Planning Board for I think about 9 years. We went to every Council meeting for years before that, but became disappointed with so many decisions and shenanigans and stopped following recently. However, because many folks know I have always done my homework, they call me when they are unsure and would like my reasoning for my votes. I NEVER tell those callers how to vote. I just want everyone to be an informed voter, but I do explain why (results of my research) I will vote the way I intend for various candidates or ballot questions, and I always encourage them to do their own research. This time because I had not been following, I had no idea about Council, except for those re-running, whom I knew from when I followed.

I was taken aback a few months ago by unsolicited emails about Rich Blonna, whom I did not know, that were designed to be salacious. These same folks had in the past sent me emails about other people and issues I knew to be lies, either because I knew the people personally who were being defamed, or I and my husband had attended ALL the meetings on the issues themselves.

So, when I got those several emails about Rich Blonna, it raised my hackles, and I decided to research him first. Perhaps not surprisingly, I found that what those emails said, or implied about Blonna, was disgusting innuendo. I liked his background and views—well, most of them. So, he had my vote. After researching others, I did not know, I decided he was the only one to get my vote, called a “bullet vote,” which gives a mathematical advantage. I am only one person. I hope others do the same.

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  1. Betsy Monroe says:

    Rich Blonna and Becky Erwin need to be chosen These two will keep “Protect Paradise “ reaL 🙏🏼☮️💜🕉

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