Thursday, January 27, 2022

Volunteers Remove Invasive Plants

Volunteers are making a positive difference fighting back against invasive plants in Florida state parks. The Florida Conservation Corps Annual Report on the Project AmeriCorps Non-native plant Terminators (Project A.N.T.) program is now available. The report highlights the accomplishments of Project A.N.T.’s 37 full-time members, two half-time members and 2,273 volunteers in their fight against invasive exotic plant species across Florida state parks.

Each full-time member committed to 1,700 hours and 11 months at a host state park, while half-time members committed to 900 hours and six months. They focused on the treatment and removal of various invasive exotic plants, including Brazilian pepper trees, cogon grass and Coral ardisia.

To locate and treat invasive exotic plant infestations, the 2014 Project A.N.T. covered more than 10,180 acres of state park lands. Project A.N.T. is well underway for the 2014 calendar year. In February, 50 full-time members kicked off their 1,700 hour and 11 month commitment across more than 25 state parks in Florida. For more information on Project A.N.T. and the Florida Conservation Corps, click here.

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