Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Volunteers Needed For The Marco Players

What does it mean to be a volunteer-run organization? It means we would not exist without the passion, commitment and loyalty of the 100-plus volunteers who work as actors, stage designers, backstage, in the production booth and as part of our hospitality team.

As we kick off the 2018-2019 season, we invite you to get involved. Volunteer with us a few times and experience the magic of live community theater. If you love it like we do, there is always room and a job for you!

When asked, hospitality volunteers describe The Marco Players as their theater family, and never tire of sharing the joy patrons experience when attending live, community theater. In addition, flexibility is key. Volunteering at the theater is enjoyable because you can commit from anywhere to one to three, three-hour shift(s) per week during a production.

Another reason volunteering is enjoyable is Preview Night. For each of the six main productions, the theater offers an evening of complimentary theater for its theater family of volunteers. Another wonderful tradition, the evening before opening night, the show is performed for nearly a full-house of volunteers.

So, what might you be doing? When a guest arrives at the theater, they’ll be greeted by your smile with a passion that welcomes them to our theater! You’ll offer them a playbill, made possible by our advertisers, and show our guests to their seats. On opening night, you will work with your co-volunteers to prepare an intermission of champagne and strawberries, an important tradition to celebrate opening night! You’ll come to know the theater, the routine, and the procedures to keep our theater safe and secure. You will become an important part of what it takes to run a community theater!

During the 2017-2018 season, The Marco Players’ hospitality volunteers worked 997.5 hours! A sincere thank you and recognition of outstanding loyalty goes to Martha Mulvey, 83 hours; Meily Kuperus, 71 hours; Larry Hood, 58 hours; and Judy Measel, 55 hours!

The Marco Players Theater, a volunteer-run non-profit organization, prides itself on producing engaging live community theater and displaying the works of local artists for residents and visitors of Southwest Florida.

To get involved, contact Carolyn Burger, Hospitality Volunteer Coordinator at 239-389-0280 or or Bill Harris, Production Volunteer Coordinator at 239-315-2540 or

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