Sunday, October 17, 2021

Volunteers Collect 100 Pounds of Trash at Tigertail Beach Clean-up

Photos by Linda Colombo | Evelyn and Lillian Anderson from Connecticut.

In celebration of Earth Day, Friends of Tigertail and Collier County collaborated to sponsor the annual Bay Days event, hosting a Tigertail Beach clean-up recently. With the county donating supplies, and the Friends group encouraging local participation, a very successful event transpired, leaving the beach much cleaner at the end of the event.

Joining Jim Zimmerman from the county, John Kovacs, Marco Island Community Officer, and five members of the Friends board, were 70 enthusiastic volunteers, including a family from the UK, nine students from the Marco Island Academy Key Club and several children.

Approximately 100 pounds of debris were collected, including three large crab traps that had washed ashore, pails and other children’s toys, scrap wood, balloons with their sticks, a beach chair, beverage containers, food wrappers, cigarettes, and boat equipment. Friends of Tigertail is most appreciative of the dedicated support of community and visitor volunteers. By repeatedly attending the quarterly clean-ups, they preserve the beauty of the park, as well as assist area wildlife. Many beach goers take their own bags on each visit to the park, removing rubbish, as well as carefully packing out their own trash.

Nesting season has begun on Sand Dollar Spit for three returning endangered bird species. Their successful breeding requires keeping debris off the beach to discourage predators, as well as staying out of the roped-off critical wildlife areas. Refraining from flushing the flocks allows the birds to rest during this important time. With continued community support, the beach will stay beautiful, and the birds will enjoy another successful nesting season.

The Friends of Tigertail summer beach clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, July 6, 2019. This is an important event, to remove July 4 waste materials from the park.

For additional information about Friends of Tigertail activities, visit their website at www.Friendsof, or their Facebook page at

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