Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Volleyball at the YMCA

By Justin Cox


Believe it or not, there is more to do on Marco other than shopping, boating, sun-worshipping, and the nightlife. There is a highly competitive volleyball league that plays every Monday at the YMCA. You will see teams fight for a run at the championship week in and week out. The excitement builds as the regular season games lead to the playoffs and ultimately to the Title. Team sponsors range from large enterprises like the Marriott to local businesses such as Classic Transportation and Island Paradise DJ’s.

Every season, almost anyone can sign up and join a team; or even start their own if they get enough dedicated players. Spectators, are of course, always welcome to root for their friends and favorite businesses. It is played under a roof at the Y’s Airnasium, so weather rarely stops the action. Steve Reynolds referees the games every week, as well as, runs the tournament. Steve’s countless hours of dedication are the sole reason that the league runs smoothly.

The games on January 23rd had a touch of revenge involved. One of Marco’s local celebrities, retired NFL kicker and owner of Vandy’s, Mike Vanderjagt, plays for the Classic Transportation team. His team lost to The Marriot for the championship last season, but they had the opportunity for a little payback and took it. The two matches that night went back and forth with large doses of spiking that made it exciting to watch. The matches were pretty even until the last few points each time, but ended with the same result. The Classic Transportation beat the defending champion Marriott team 25-16 and 25-21.

The second round of the night involved Paradise Island DJ’s and American Computer Solutions. ACS was winning the first match over the DJ’s by a comfortable margin of 24-19 and had the “match point” within reach. The DJ’s, however, kept their composure and quickly climbed back into it with strong performances by Parker Ayers and Derek James tying the game at 24. Island Paradise eventually won 27-25. They went on to win the next match 25-15; completing a sweep for the night.

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