Monday, December 6, 2021

Vintage military vehicles, memorabilia on display

As part of the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall’s visit to Marco Island December 7-10 at Veterans Community Park, there will be a display of Vietnam War era military vehicles, weaponry, equipment, photos, and artwork.

Throughout the four days, visitors can see a Hughes OH-6 helicopter used during Vietnam operations for scouting and general transport. Known as one of the most survivable “helos” ever made, it was often used to draw out enemy fire by providing a target. While in service, it was typically equipped with a 7.62mm mini gun or small rocket pod while its crow chief gunner was armed with an M-60 machine gun as well as various grenades and other armaments.

Also on display will be memorabilia from the Museum of Military Memorabilia including a 1942 Willys MB jeep. On Saturday, December 10, additional vintage vehicles will join the display.

The Traveling Wall, known as “The Wall That Heals”, features a half scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. Accompanied by a mobile museum and information center, the Wall will be open to the public 24 hours a day from 7:00AM Wednesday, December 7 to 5:00PM Saturday, December 10.

If you have a photo of someone who was killed during the Vietnam conflict, please bring it to the information center at Veterans Park December 7 through 10. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is trying to collect photos of those heroes who died in Vietnam; the photos will be uploaded to Washington, DC to be displayed at the planned education center adjacent to the Memorial in Washington.

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