Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Veterans Memorial Repairs

Letter to the Editor

I don’t know who to thank for the help at Veterans Memorial, the M.I. Cemetery. I have asked the cemetery to repair the vandalized lights and site for nearly two and a half years.

I went to a council member for help and told of the total disrespect of the site, the needed repairs to the three of four lights broken, along with weeds, dead sod and intentionally running over valuable plants.

It turned on deaf ears. Now I find after nearly two and a half years, the lights are reinstalled.

The said vandalism was said to be done by a storm. The memorial and the lights survived the Hurricane Irma, and this was done systematically. Each act of vandalism, approximately one month apart.

I was told by many, wash my hands of the site, but I couldn’t. Citizens of Marco, parishioners of San Marco Church and the MI VFW, donated so much of the funding, The M.I. Boy Scouts gave so much of their time to develop this site. The cemetery is not keeping up with their end.

I don’t mind landscaping the site and putting up flags at my cost. I sent the email I sent the Council Member, who forward my email to the MI police officer and he rightfully said that the complaint should come from the owners of the cemetery and I never got any help at all.

As I said, the lights survived Hurricane Irma but after the light heads were broken, three of the four and the pedestal for the electric connection, was broken off by a said windstorm, all three months apart, one head ripped off its pedestal/holder.

This area of the M.I. Cemetery has been designated for the burial of Veterans and their families.

Thank You,
God Bless our VETS

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