Sunday, December 5, 2021

USS America Shall Sail Again



Tarik Ayasun

Over the years, I found myself wondering where the rest of the world was during the Holocaust where more than 6 million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. I wonder no more. They were exactly where the rest of the world is today when the Islamic State formerly known as the ISIS is massacring non-Muslims in Iraq, transmitting beheadings live on world television (technology not available to the Nazis) and no one really seems to care; no one wants to lift a finger! Some Americans are actually more concerned about the weapons, tactics, force and equipment used by our police departments when dealing with ordinary, garden variety thugs or whether a certain politician-for-life who is seeking to be the next President hugged the present holder of the same office who at the present time is vacationing while Rome burns!

It is hard to believe that all the events of today were predicted months ago by many, and nothing was done to prevent them from happening. It is almost like your neighbor who happens to be a structural engineer telling you that your house may collapse after the first heavy rainstorm of the season, and you seem concerned but nevertheless you stay home to watch your favorite TV show on the first heavy rain storm of the season anyway. Your house collapses on top of you! This is all just unreal…

What is wrong with humanity? How could the entire civilization sit around minding their own business when hundreds and thousands of our fellow human beings with different faces, different belief systems and different ethnicities are massacred before our very eyes in full color on our TV screens?

Have my fellow human beings become so cruel and hardened that they push the buttons on their remote controls and move on to different channels just not to see the blood-letting going on in Iraq where small minorities of Christians, Yazidis and non-Muslims are being slaughtered? A modern day Holocaust with different players yet with same results!

I have real bad news for the “let-me-watch-something-else on the next channel” humanity that surrounds me whether they like it or not. What is happening “over there” may start happening “over here” real soon! What will they be watching then? Months and months ago, I wrote about the possibility of a Caliphate (another name for an Islamic State) being established in the Middle East and what that would mean to us here in America. Months and months ago, I wrote about the fact Al-Qaeda was not dead but just changed colors and got more professional and ruthless in their murderous tactics to rid the world of all non-Muslims. Today, they call themselves the soldiers of the Islamic State, chase down non-Muslims and give them a simple choice: convert to Islam or die.

The intelligence agencies — or what is left of them — warned the leadership in Washington as early as this past May that an entire army of ISIS terrorists were gathering at the Syrian-Iraq border for a major push. They were well armed, battle-hardened and ready for action in a divided and hapless Iraq, yet the leadership in Washington announced that this was actually the JV team and we had nothing to worry about! Well ladies and gentlemen, the JV team graduated into a full Varsity first team within a very, very short time and have taken almost 60 percent of Iraq under their control; established a well-trained, well-organized terrorist Army using the most advanced military equipment we left behind when we hurried out of Iraq for political expediency; and started to kill, behead and maim men, women and children who did not see it their way. They stole billions of dollars from local banks, established an economy, and took over the largest dam in the area which provides power for almost all of Iraq and control major oil fields.

The so-called JV team is now the Varsity first team, and they just announced to the world that the Islamic State has been established. Now, they have their eyes on invading Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Furthermore, the leader of the thugs whom we had in custody in Afghanistan until 2009 when he was released said, “I will see you in New York.” So there we go again: letting hardened terrorists get their freedom and they go out and kill again and again and again! When will we ever learn that despite all our good feelings, best intentions, soft hearts and giving natures, we can no longer turn the other cheek. We can no longer be so trusting and naïve, and more than anything else, we can no longer allow Holocausts around the world to take place. We should know better than that since we have seen it happen before, yet we sit back and watch the events unfold just the same. What is wrong with us?

We must come to realize that America can only depend on America and no one else. There is no such thing as “our allies” or “our friends” any more. This is now the long ago predicted “brave new world” of everyone for themselves. Damn the friendships, loyalties and respect; forget about what we have done for you; concentrate on what you can do for me now! Unfortunately, this can’t go on forever. I am fed up with politicians of all stripes who are only concerned with getting and holding power and winning the next election. I want to see real leaders take office who can lead us out of this worldwide morass! I want to see leaders who think country before self; humanity above all; and damn the torpedoes! We are a strong and brave nation. We were not “appointed” the leader of the free world by the United Nations or the European Union. We won that title of respect and honor as a result of the brave and selfless actions of those who sacrificed it all on the shores of France, mountains of Italy, hedge rows and farmlands in Belgium and Germany, hills and valleys of Korea and Vietnam, deserts of Iraq and the rugged terrains of Afghanistan.

America today resembles a large, nuclear-powered, state-of-the art aircraft carrier with a clueless, inexperienced captain surrounded by an inexperienced and clueless crew trying to handle the most sophisticated weapon systems and navigational aids known to men. The ship is lost at sea as if her rudder has fallen off, not knowing where she has been, where she is now, or where she is going tomorrow.

As usual, (thankfully) I am still optimistic. I say we shall overcome. With a new and experienced captain at the helm, we shall destroy the evil forces wherever they may be around the world. We shall eventually find our way. We will remember who we are, where we have been and where we are supposed to be going, and when that happens, we shall sail our ship USS America into better days and better futures. I have no doubts about this outcome.


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