Monday, November 29, 2021

Update on the City of Marco Island Vaccination Clinics


The month of May will be dedicated to providing second doses of the Moderna vaccine. If you are a Marco Island resident over the age of 18 seeking a vaccine and would like a vaccine this month, please register at Vaccine clinics are held on Fridays at Mackle Park.

The City is working with a vendor named Merit that emails and calls residents with an appointment time. Residents must answer their phones in order to get an appointment time. The phone number that will show up on the phone is 239-970-4022 and the Caller ID will say “Merit for Marco Island.” Please answer your phone to get a vaccine appointment. Merit will also send an email confirming a vaccine appointment time. The emails come from or from Be sure to check your email and respond to receive an appointment time. If Merit is not able to reach a resident by email or

phone, they will go to the next person on the list and the opportunity to get a vaccine appointment through the City will be missed.

The City of Marco Island is provided vaccines by the Department of Health which is given the Moderna vaccine. We will not be administering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. If you are

waiting for the Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccine, you should not register through the City’s vaccine database. For questions about receiving a vaccine on Marco Island, please call

City Hall at 239-389-5000 or contact Merit Customer Care at 239-970-4022.



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