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United Nations out… United Democratic Nations in…

United Nations peacekeepers. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

United Nations peacekeepers. SUBMITTED PHOTOS


Tarik Ayasun

After two issues where I did not have my column, I am back. There are so many things to write about, one needs to be choosy, not by choice but by circumstance. One of the most important events of the past two weeks was the Syrian Government’s shooting down of a Turkish F-4 reconnaissance jet. Syria claimed that the jet was violating their territory and Turkey claimed it was not. Nevertheless, the plane was shot down and two young Turkish pilots were killed. Their bodies were retrieved by an American company (Nautilus) and their nationally televised and emotional funerals took place on Friday, July 6. The argument shall go on as to where the jet was when it was shot down. For those who do not follow these events closely; Syrian situation is getting worse by the hour. There is no solution in sight as the belligerent President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad is walking in the footsteps of his murderous father Hafez Al-Assad who killed over 20,000 of his citizens without remorse and without much condemnation from the nations of the world. Supported by Iran, Russia and to a degree by China; Assad feels strong as he is surrounded by his local supporters and puppeteers in Damascus who use him for their self-interests.

I don’t want to take too much time discussing the Syrian issue as the premise of this article is a much larger one.

The major question is where is the United States? Are we going to intervene to stop the carnage and the genocide in this strategically vital country? Can we really do anything now? Is it too late? At this very moment, it looks like the United States has sub-contracted the solution for this problem to the ever-inept

Syrian protesters.

Syrian protesters.

United Nations. Readers may remember my earlier pieces concerning the activities (or non-activities) of the United Nations; an organization whose usefulness to world peace has come and gone a long time ago and my constant questioning of the continued existence of this useless organization which we support with our hard earned tax dollars to the tune of $ 890 million dollars per year or 22 percent of the UN budget.

So what are the subcontractors doing in Syria now? Well, as usual the UN has re-activated the services of one Kofi Annan and sent him off to Syria to come up with a plan to stop the killing and make way for passage to some sort of a Democracy in a country ruled by despots. Kofi Annan traveling with his entourage of over a hundred arrived in Syria, presented a totally unacceptable and unworkable plan to Assad which was rejected immediately. The officer commanding the U.N. monitors in Syria, Maj. Gen. Robert Mood of Norway said that “violence there has reached unprecedented levels, making it impossible for his unarmed observers to resume their work, which was suspended last month.”

President-for-life of Syria, Bashar Al- Assad, in an interview with the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet claimed that “the aim of the international community is to break up Syria or trigger a civil war. The fight against terrorism will continue decisively in the face of this. Everybody was calculating that I would fall in a small amount of time. They all miscalculated. And we will defeat terror.” I guess we all misunderstood the good intentions of Mr. Assad who wants us to believe that he is “fighting terror” as he continues to kill his own people; civilians, women and children by bombing his own cities indiscriminately! He wants

Kofi Annan.

Kofi Annan.

the world to think that these people are actually terrorists! Well, they may be. We really don’t know for sure who the opposition is because instead of having intelligence on the ground, we subcontracted the world’s most inept and corrupt organization, the United Nations to do our work in Syria. This is unbelievable! And it is unacceptable.

This is the same United Nations that sent in “peace-keepers” to Rwanda in 1994, to keep the Hutus from raping and killing the Tutsis. After the genocidal killing of between 600,000 to a 1,000,000 people (statistics are not clear, numbers change), finally in 2000, the UN explicitly declared its reaction to Rwanda was a “total failure.” Then Secretary General Kofi Annan said of the event “The international community failed Rwanda and that must leave us always with a sense of bitter regret.” Here we are, 12 years later, United Nations sends Kofi Annan to solve the problem in Syria. They must be kidding us or they take us all for idiots! Or they must have forgotten, like the massive amounts of parking tickets they forget to pay in New York City.

The Syrian issue will resolve itself. Bashar Al-Assad will be removed, most likely killed by his own people and the regime in Syria will fall. What replaces it will be very important and unfortunately, as it happened in Egypt, we will not have a say in this decision either.

For those of us who glance at a map of the Middle East once in a while, it will be clear as day that Syria will become an Iranian port into the Mediterranean and the Russians and the Iranians will have a lot to say about the future of a new Syria; and the State of Israel will

United Nations.

United Nations.

have to deal with a belligerent new neighbor with possible access to nukes!

If one takes a look at the roster of the United Nations, one will note the following members; Albania, Angola, Argentina, Benin, China, People’s Republic of Congo, Cuba, North Korea, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Lao People’s Democratic (?) Republic, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Not necessarily the bedrocks of democratically elected governments! To further the pain, United Nations Security Council for 2012 is composed of five permanent members; China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States and Azerbaijan, India, South Africa, Colombia, Morocco, Togo, Germany, Pakistan, Guatemala and Portugal as non-permanent members.

I think time has come for the United States to insist on abolishing the United Nations charter as it stands now and begins fresh with a new charter for a new UNITED DEMOCRATIC NATIONS. Countries ruled by non-elected, self-appointed dictators like Syria, Venezuela or Equatorial Guinea; they should be ejected until they hold fair and proper elections acceptable to international norms for fair elections. Until such a new organization is formed, the present so called “United Nations” will continue to be run by representatives of countries ruled by despots and dictators and we will all be relegated to hope that men like Kofi Annan will resolve problems in a country where a ruthless, brutal dictator is killing his own people.

I say dismantle the United Nations and build a new organization with a new charter to meet today’s needs. Let’s all hope for an organization called United Democratic Nations.

Tarik Ayasun is presently President of the Marco Island Charter Middle School; Board member of the Marco Island Police Foundation and the Marco Island Rotary Club, he has given many years of community service to various organizations. 

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