Monday, January 24, 2022

United Church Retires Bargain Basket Mortgage

They came early on a Friday morning to celebrate two wonderful events at the United Church of Marco Island’s popular Bargain Basket Thrift Shop on Bald Eagle Drive. Since 1975, the popular shopping venue has provided financing for many of the church’s local outreach programs and philanthropy efforts and has been a popular draw for residents and visitors alike.  

In June of 2010, the church invested in the purchase of its present location at 750 Bald Eagle Drive from Thomas Kimball, the former owner of Kimball Flooring. Earlier this summer, the church was able to make the final payment on their building and wanted to share their good fortune with those that made that possible. 

On a warm and sunny Friday morning a passionate Reverend Mark Williams welcomed the assembled attendees at the front door of the facility and shared with them the exciting news regarding the retirement of the debt on the building. He welcomed them to give thanks to God for his many blessings which he said allowed the success of the their endeavors at the popular shopping venue. 

The church’s gift back to the community was one of their famous 50 percent off sales for those patrons that day, and those in attendance were not disappointed.  

“It really is great to see so many people here and the positive energy that you feel,” Samantha Kopren, the Bargain Basket’s manager said, just prior to the opening of the doors for a fun filled day of “bargain hunting.” 

Inside the hard work of the many volunteers who are the lifeblood of the efforts at the store were on display. Racks and tables were full of treasures and great deals. From clothing, to hats, to household goods and decorative items, it was just sitting there waiting for a new home. 

Even the ladies in the backroom were busy tagging and placing new items out, as the former treasures were flying off the shelves as the checkout ladies were busy as were the gals who were manning complimentary refreshment table.  

The two additional charitable missions which were announced by Reverend Williams included the David Lawrence Center in Naples and the Alzheimer’s Network. 

For more information regarding the church please visit or stop by and visit the Bargain Basket and inquire regarding volunteer opportunities.  

An animated Reverend Mark Williams welcomes attendees to the Bargain Basket Thrift Shop to celebrate the store’s final payment on their mortgage.  Photos by Steve Stefanides

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