Wednesday, October 20, 2021

United Church Donates to Wall Visit

Photo by Steve Stefanides

The Vietnam Traveling Wall, which will make its first stop on its 2020 tour of the United States, will do so here on Marco Island from February 20-23, and the American Legion Post 404 is the sponsoring agency for the event.

Upon hearing of the need to raise funds to support its visit to Marco Island, the United Church of Marco Island chose to support this important occasion for the community. They did so to honor three members of its congregation who were veterans that passed away this last year. Those veterans were Charlie Purple, Bill Irvine and Dick Dowling.

The $1,000 check to support the effort was made possible by the church’s successful work of its volunteers at the popular Bargain Basket Thrift Store, located on Bald Eagle Drive on the island.

Joining with Pastor Mark Williams of the church was Samantha Kopren, the manager of the Bargain Basket. Joining them were American Legion members, Bill Horton and Amadeo Petricca, to receive the donation. In addition to those individuals were Mary Jane Irvine and Alicia Purple who honored their husbands.

The United Church of Marco Island has been a major donor to many charities during the last year due to the generosity of its parishioners and the success of the efforts of the Bargain Basket Thrift Store, which benefits greatly due to the support of the community and the many volunteers who give of their time and talents to make it successful.

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