Monday, January 24, 2022

United Church Celebrates 25 years of Stephen Ministry



On Sunday, March 23, United Church of Marco Island celebrated a very special day, the 25th anniversary of Stephen Ministry. This International not-for-profit religious program was founded by Dr. Kenneth Haugk in 1975. Dr. Haugk was a pastor of a church in St. Louis and saw a need for care in his church that exceeded what he alone could offer and decided to train a small group of people in his church to help meet these needs and Stephen Ministry was born. It was started in our church by Russ and Pat Rainey who still remain active in both support and participation. Since the inception in 1989 we have commissioned 106 people and 7 leaders. All those who were able to attend were given a boutonniere and were recognized for their caring work during our worship service.

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