Sunday, October 24, 2021

Understanding More About Golf

by Lou Thibeault

Time and experience have led me to believe that understanding how a golf ball flies is the principle reason why most people are unable to achieve a higher skill level.  Almost all new players and very many experienced players with higher handicaps continue to want to hit and lift the ball. These thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious, usually prevent people from learning how to swing the club properly.  The golf club is a tool and what the clubface does during the impact zone, just before, during and just after the ball contact, determines the spin and ball flight the ball will have.  Learning how to be responsible for the clubface angle and swing path at impact is essential to becoming a better golfer.  As soon as a player realizes that how they swing the club determines what the ball will do, the quicker the development stage begins.  Many players are able to improve at a faster pace when they substitute these three major words.  Swing in place of ball, down instead of up and ground for the word ball.  Other than on the tee, the ball and club head are on the ground and the swing should return there to make good contact with the golf ball.  Improvement takes time, but the correct swing thoughts and swing action will make improvement take place faster.

Lou has been a golf professional since 1953. He has worked at many clubs around the country with his longest connections on Cape Cod and Maine.  He was a teaching pro at the Island Country Club in the early 80’s and the head golf pro and Director of golf at The Hideaway Beach Club on Marco Island for ten years.  He is presently the teaching pro at the Links of Naples.

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