Saturday, June 25, 2022

Understanding more about golf

by Lou Thibeault

Creating ball flight

Loft and getting the ball to fly high is a result of swinging the club head down and contacting the ball on the downswing. A downward blow creates a backspin which in turn produces lift. The golf club goes in an upward motion on the backswing, reaches the top of the swing and starts downward until it reaches the bottom of the area where it begins to travel upward.

When a person fails to meet the ball on the downswing or at the bottom of the swing, the club head starts upward and contacts the middle or top of the ball which results in rolling the ball. Topping the ball shot after shot can be frustrating and in due time could cause a player to call it quits. At the address position, the club head and ball are on the ground. When you swing the club and contact the ball and ground at the same time, lift will become a common experience for you.

The practice tee is the place to train and experiment with new ideas that are simple, make sense and show progress. Remember, hang in there, and try again.

Focus on Swing Keys

You have probably heard the remark ‘I found it’, after a very good round of golf. It is something you may hear when a player shoots a low score and their swing keys or concentration points have allowed them a very rewarding day. It is usually triggered from repeating a thought and movement.

However the next round of golf may not have the same results with the exact same swing keys. There are many things that can interfere with a consistent motion: timing, balance, rhythm or force. The average golf swing usually takes place within a half of a second and it’s difficult to focus on more than one key.

When a player has developed the basic fundamentals and understands that you swing the club back and up, then swing it down to the lowest point and then up again, the goal to make the same exact club head track becomes the guideline for consistency. Each player might have a different key to make the same swing. Then it becomes each player’s duty to find the key or keys needed to develop their own swing.

There are so many good teachers today and so many great articles written that fitting the keys or swing movements to your swing should be easier. People who want to improve need to find the information that will fit their swing problems and then train to develop those changes. Practice with the information that pertains to you and your swing, allow lots of time to make the transition.

There are many good thoughts that may produce bad results. One example is keeping your head down. When a player keeps their head down too long, it will prevent proper foot work and lower body position during ball contact. When your lower body does not turn through with the upper body at impact, you usually reduce swing speed as well as developing separation.

The upper and lower parts of your body cannot work together or as a unit at the time of impact. Most teachers will tell you that swing or thought changes could take weeks. Stay dedicated if your new swing thoughts are simple, make sense and you see that they really work. Application of new information could take weeks, so hang in there, be patient and keep practicing.

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