Wednesday, October 27, 2021

UFO’s: What if it’s true?



By Carole Jean Tremblay

Do UFOs really exist?

Well, if they do, then they are obviously from a place harboring an intelligent life form much more advanced than we are, since they succeeded in sending a machine to another planet, and even into another solar system—and presumably get it back.

So what should we do if they come to visit?

First of all, we’d want to know if the UFO’s are drones, unmanned—that is uncreatured—vehicles, or if they’re inhabited.

If they are drones, are they armed? Can we capture them? If we do snare one, can we get inside? Would we understand how they work? Could we make one ourselves?

If the UFO’s are inhabited, by what kind of creatures? Are these technological wizards friendly, or are they aggressive? How will they communicate? Will they text us before landing? Have they flown around the Earth long enough to decode some of our languages—English, French, Spanish? Or, with an eye to the future, Chinese?

If they are unfriendly, they may do what no empire, League of Nations or United Nations has ever succeeded in doing. They could unite all the peoples of the Earth in an epic fight against these terrorist invaders from outer space.

If they are friendly, will they be able to show us how to get along together, as they do on their planet?

Or—oh no! Maybe they are escaping from their own planet! Perhaps they are the result of a serious overpopulation problem. Maybe the UFO is on an experimental voyage, piloted by inferior organisms sent into space because they are expendable. Maybe these extraterrestrial creatures are not even the most intelligent life form on their home planet.

Maybe they are slaves who rebelled against their masters and stole a getaway machine. Perhaps these Extra Terrestrial creatures are searching for a new world of peace and happiness, and they had the misfortune to land on Earth.

Maybe ET doesn’t want to call home!

What a bummer. But could it be true?

Carole Jean Tremblay writes and searches the skies in Marco Island, Florida. Her children’s book “The Old Man and the C” (Pineapple Press) and her political novel “Cybercash” (pen name: C.J. Howard) are available at Sunshine Booksellers in Marco Island, Barnes & Noble in Naples and on Please visit her site at:


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